8.5BBL(10HL) br​ewing System quality standard ideal durability pub brewery

Whether you want to save space, money, and time by only using a 2 vessel mash and boil kettle or you need a dedicated HLT tank alongside them, we have the right brewing system for you.

The text mainly introduces 200L brewing equipment


8.5BBL(10HL) brewing System

We have a lot of fun brewing and if you have a question on anything don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Available with either solid copper brewhouse vessels or polished stainless steel.
  • Available with either electric or steam heating.
  • Brewhouse design with brewkettle/mash tun, lauter tun and whirlpool/auxiliary hot liquor tank.


The Brewhouse

We have a 3 Vessel, 10HL brewing system.  Our Hot Liquor Tank and Brew Kettle is direct fired by using natural gas(Electric and steam heating can be available).  The brewhouse has all manual valves. Once a batch of beer is complete, we cool the batch using a heat exchanger and recoup the heat by adding the water back to our HLT.


10HL brewing system equipment 


We have 6 fermenters. 60 degree conical allow us to reharvest yeast very easily.  All of our fermenters are glycol jacketed to control the temperature during fermentation, it produces a lot of heat!


We offer brewery tanks from 3.5-barrels/4-hectoliters to 60 barrels/70-hectoliters.

Standard tank design features custom-built true shadowless manway and separate CIP and blow off tubes.

3mm sidewall and 2mm cladding is available in a number of different finishes.

Tank interiors are a 2B finish.

Engineers can custom design tanks and vessels to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Tanks included full one-year, parts-and-labor tank warranty.

See fermentation vessel details

Brewing system 10HL fermenters with glycol jacketed


Some parts on the fermentation tank

Bright beer tanks (BBTs)

Next we want to clarify and carbonate.  We have (4) 10HL bright tanks.  For most of our beers, they will clarify for a few days followed by a filter into another tank.  Then we carbonate using a carbonation stone and its ready for packaging.

Turnkey brewhouse with double size HLT

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