Artisanal Beer Brewing Equipment for craft beer per batch 1000L

Beer brew equipment is typically smaller than independent micro brewery equipment. We offer medium beer brew equipment with the productivity of 500L (5 hl) to 5000L (50hl) per brew. The red copper brewhouse is also the preferred choice for most brew pub. The fermentation tanks for brew pub is usually not large but with more numbers for serving more beer flavors on taps.  A typical brewing process for brew includes milling, mashing, fermentation, maturing, cooling, controlling, cleaning, filling and beer serving.


Artisanal Beer Brewing Equipment 10HL


Two-vessel Artisanal Beer Brewing Equipment

Brewery Equipment list:

NO. Equipments Request Components
01 Mashing System Mash/Lauter Tank
Wort pumps
Boiling/Whirlpool  Tank
Hot water tank
Other accessories are available: 1. Stiring Device; 2. Butterfly Valve DN32;

3. Malt Miller; 4. Sugar Meter;

02 Fermenting system Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank,including necessary fitting:pressure gauge,buning valve,pressure vaccum relief valve,and more
03 Cooling system Chiller with compressor
04 Capacity 1000L/Day
05 Trade Term EXW, FOB, CIF
06 Payment Term T/T in advance
07 Packing Size(L*W*H) Packed in 40HQ conatiners


Fermentation tanks installed Artisanal Beer Brewing Equipment

We provide Components with quality Artisanal Beer Brewing Equipment

(1) All product leading parts in stainless steel 304 and food grade;

(2) Complete per-fabricated unit, grinded surface, well welded, prolong the service life of equipment;

(3) Perfect design, top quality accessories, to minimize the equipment’s failure rate.


Compact brewhouse 

Standard and custom-made equipment for small and medium-size breweries;

all-in-one-designs / compact designs / combi tanks and multifunctional tanks in different combinations combined in a single system / individually designed tanks;

equipped with an effective cooling and heating system, insulated

vessels with thermal bottom and jacket;

completely piped and wired,

with an integrated pump system,

platform for combining the vessels in a compact unit,

with installed CIP system.


Top view of Artisanal Beer Brewing Equipment


Beer brewing process

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