Available brewery equipment to brew quality beer per day 1000L

Craft beer is more and more popular all over the world. And nothing brews delicious beer better than craft beer brewing equipment provided by us.

Whether it’s a brewpub, taproom microbrewery or large scale brewery, our 1-200 HL brewery equipment are what you need to share your passion with the world.


Available brewery equipment to brew quality beer

We perform expert services for new brewery equipment following expansion and startings.

We sell and manufacture equipment assets for all types of beverage manufacturing, processing, and packaging including: Beer, Coffee, Distilling, Spirits, Kombucha, Soda,  Wine, etc.

Whatever your brewing equipment needs, we are here to help you succeed in the fastest, most cost-effective, least stressful way. Just contact us and tell us how we can help.

Set up the main brewery equipment required for beer

Builds and optimises brewing plants including:

Supply of Brewing equipment

Complete turnkey process lines

Engineering design, consulting and optimisation services

Process, Packaging

The fermenting system is mainly consists of fermentation tank and bright beer tank. According to the production scale and requested output of beer, equipped the quantity and capacity of tanks.


In our factory,there are many brewery equipment fermentation tanks standing

 The back of the fermentation tank brewery equipment

The fermentation tank is to provide a suitable environment for maltose to be converted into alcohols after the wort is cooled and inoculated with yeast.

The fermentation tank is equipped with top butterfly head,built-in miller plate jacketed/CIP spraying ball/sampling valve/liquid level meter/beer outlet and sewage outlet,water-sealed mechanical pressure regulating valve/titanium rod inflating port and other supporting valves.

With polyurethane insulation to ensure that the fermenting temperature is kept at a low. Equipped with PT100 temperature sensor, with PLC auto-control system.

fermenters side manhole-min

Fermentation tanks side body

Product details

1.Top butterfly head and 60 degree cone bottom;

2.The interior and exterior shell are made of SUS304 stainless stell, the thickness is 2-4mm;

3.Cooling Jackted: miller plate jacketed;

4.Insulation Polyurethane, thickness is 70mm ~ 100mm;

5. Piping and valves: equipped with top pressure manhole or side manhole/ CIP spraying ball/sampling valve/liquid level meter/beer outlet and sewage outlet,water-sealed mechanical pressure regulating valve/PT100 temperature sensor;

6.With heavy duty 304 stainless steel legs,the height is adjustable.

We also supply: 100L,200L,300L,500L,1000L,2000L,3000L,ect.

All specifications can be customized for you according to your requirements.


CIP station of brewery equipment for cleaning all tanks


Brewery equipment tank fitting:carbonation stone;cleanig ball;side manhole

Fermentation tanks configuration:

Made in stainless steel 304

Volume between 200L to 200 HL

Wall thickness 3mm or 4 mm

All welds pickled and passivated

60 degree cone

Cooling jackets in cone and cylinder

CIP line and ball, second line on request

Shadowless manway in cylinder or on top

Cone and cylinder insulated by PU foam

Stainless cladding, completely welded

All necessary connections for sampling, spunding, pressure valve and security valve (pressure and vacuum)

Further connections on request

One or two outlets

Four height adjustable feet

Tank dimensions based on your requirements

CE certification on request


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