Beer brewing equipment 1000L popularity Supply Full Beer Production Line

We work with brewers large and small to design and fabricate custom brewhouses, cellar tanks and various other sophisticated brewery-specific support vessels and systems. Our brewery team combines decades of experience engineering brewhouse equipment, brewing, process engineering, fabricating sanitary stainless systems and integrating automation & control systems.

We build 3.5BBL to 50BBL brewhouses that use steam power (gas or electric) or enclosed indirect fire.


1000L popularity Beer Production Line 

Sanitary 1000L Industrial Brewing equipment has serious requirement of sanitary processing system, which can gurantee the good flavor taste of your craft beer. No matter individual vessels brewhouse or combined vessels Brewing Equipment, sanitary processing system are the core during our design and fabrication.

Brewhouse with hot liquor tank or without(Beer brewing equipment)

Option 1

Combined Mash & Lauter Tun

Combined Wort kettle & Whirlpool

Option 2

Mash tun

Lauter tun

Combined wort kettle / whirlpool  with heating system

Option 3

Combined mash tun/kettle/whirlpool

Lauter tun

Beer brewing equipment(spent grain hatch with chute;big sight glass)

This brewhosue includes, but not limited to

2, 3 or 4 vessels connected well by pipes and valves. With mashing pump, lautering pump and wort pumps.

Stainless steel are completely used.

Convenient cabinet control of all brewing process, semi-automatic brewery optional.

With Mobile CIP for cleaning cellar tanks. (Automatic CIP system optional)


Cellar Tanks

1. Conical Fermentation Tank and horizontal lagering tank are available.

2. SUS304, internal wall 3mm, inner welds polished; outer shell 2mm, surface polished.

3. With cooling jacket on cylinder and conical bottom. Equipped with chiller and Glycol Tank.

4. Side manhole, top CIP spray balls, security valve and pressure measurement.

5. Conical fermenter is 60 degree bottom, equipped with tap, temperature sensor, faucet.

6. Glycol inlet and outlet.

7. PU insulation 80mm.

Cellar tanks beer brewing equipment

Malt Mill , Malt Conveyor , Malt Transport Pump, Wet Malt Mixer, Heat Exchanger, Hops Gun, Yeast Cultural Tank, Chiller and all other accompanying equipment are available from our company. Please write down your equipment list, we make a configuration and complete turnkey solution for you.

Main Features of Turnkey beer brewing equipment :

1) Good abrasion resistance material

2) High quality insulation effect

3) Beautiful weld and polish technology

4) Powerful technology supporting

5) CE certificate and ISO certificate: All our products can pass CE certificate. If you need, we can also apply the ISO certificate for you.

7) Good aftersales service: Providing abroad installation and training and providing 1 year gurantee


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