Build a mid-sized 10HL brewery tanks/tuns/vessels in bar/taproom

A taproom helps a brewery be profitable with a direct point for sales on-site. Be it production brewery with an attached taproom or dedicated brewpub. A taproom offers a fun place for locals to hang out, socialize and make new friends. We deliver Brewhouses & turnkey projects and  like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation. we build brewery systems with high technology, perfect craftsmanship at best value for money.


Build a mid-sized brewery tanks in bar/taproom

Commercial brewing requires several different types of big vessels made of stainless steel. First, the water gets heated in a dedicated vessel called the Hot Liquor Tank (“liquor” is referring to the technical term for any liquid used in a process of some kind, not the liquid that gets you drunk). The hot water is then transferred to a vessel known as the Mash/Lauter Tun where it saturates milled grain to extract the delicious sugars and flavors.

After a little while, the carbohydrate-rich water is transferred to the Boil Kettle right next to the mash tun where it is brought to boiling temperature by a direct gas-fired burner, indirect gas-fired burner, steam, or electric elements. Hops (and other special ingredients depending on the recipe) are added during the boil. Once that is completed, the boil kettle becomes a Whirlpool, forcing the water into a vortex that separates it from the larger particles in the solution (like large clusters of hops).


10HL stainless steel brewhouse system


20HL brewery tanks Red copper brewhouse system

Combi-Vessel Style Brewhouse

Save on floor space by placing your hot liquor tank underneath the mash/lauter tun

Space saving design works well for brewpub applications


Custom layout options including rectangular and linear designs

Conveniently located hydrometer station (optional)

Mash/lauter tun

Grist hydrator

Lautering rakes with spent grain plow assembly

Cone or flat bottom designs

Multi-port wort draw off plumbing

Optional under-screen flush

Optional steam jacket

Grant to optimize lauter run-off

Brew kettle/whirlpool tun

Heating options include steam Jackets, electric, or direct-fired

Vent stack condenser

Kettle sour capability

Tangential inlet designs

Trub dam

Fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks and serving tanks ranging in sizes from 5HL to 100HL.


Fermentation tanks side or top manway brewery tanks

Ancillary Equipment

Hot wort grant to provide a buffer to the pump during re-circulation and run off from the lauter tun

Heat exchanger to cool the wash during transfer to the fermenter

Hot water recovery option available

Dedicated vessel pumps

Complete grain management including:


Augers and conveyors

Grist hoppers

Slide gates


CIP systems

Keg washers

Dry hopping systems

Yeast brinks and propagators

Steam Boilers

Glycol Chillers



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