buy microbrewery equipment 700l beer manufacturing plant

Beer brew equipment is typically smaller than independent micro brewery equipment. We offer medium beer brew equipment with the productivity of 500L (5 hl) to 5000L (50hl) per brew. The red copper brewhouse is also the preferred choice for most brew pub. The fermentation tanks for brew pub is usually not large but with more numbers for serving more beer flavors on taps.


Craft beer brewing vessel for business 

There are so many factors to consider such as size, number of vessels, type of heat source, cooling the wort, as well as country of manufacturing and engineering origin before placing an order.

700L Brewpub beer manufacturing plant

We provide brewery equipment with high quality :

SUS304 and SUS316 raw materials with material quality certificate ;

False Bottom Filter – virtually guarantees consistent wort flow

Stainless Steel Thermometers and Valves

High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

Designs and Compact- Space Saving


2 vessel beer manufacturing plant with motor


A fermentation tank beer manufacturing plant 


Main brewing system Components Main specification
Brewhouse unit Mash/lauter tun 700L
30% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
False bottom,
Rake&motor,Spent grain manway,sight glass
Kettle/Whirlpool tun 700L
30% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
Steam condenser,
Wort outlet,
Tangential inlet.
Hot Liquor Tank 1000L
25% head space,
Steam heating with insulation
Level gauge
Hot water recycling port
Wort pump 3T/hr, Sanitary
Hot liquor pump 3T/hr, Sanitary
Plate heat exchanger 7m2
Two stages
Connected with wort aeration device
Work platform Disassemble, Adjustable
OPTIONAL Wort grant
Pneumatic valve
Wort flow meter
Beer manufacturing plant  

Fermentation unit

Fermentation tank 700L/1500L
25% head space,
Jacketed and insulated
Conical bottom,
Pressure relief valve
Coolant inlet and outlet
Sample valve
Side manway
Top Dry Hopping Port
Wort inlet and yeast outlet
Racking arm
Temperature and pressure gauges
Maturation/Storage (OPTIONL) Bright beer tank

(also is called brite tank)

20% head space,
Jacketed and insulated
Dished head&bottom
Pressure relief valve
Carbonation stone assembly
Sample valve
Side manway
Fill/drainage port
Temperature and pressure gauges
Glycol cooling system Glycol cooling tank Thermowell
Top or Side manwayCIP arm and spray ball 360 degreeThermowell
Cold liquor tank (OPTIONAL) Top or Side manway

CIP arm and spray ball 360 degree

Visual level sight glass
Cooling jackets

Chiller Second generation
Freon R404A
Glycol water pump and piping
Controlling unit Brewhouse control panel Temperature monitoring& controlling
Pump on/off control
VFD control
Cellar control panel Temperature monitoring& controlling
More controllers reversing for expansion available
Cleaning unit Alkali tank 100L Electric heating
Sterilization tank 100L
Pump and piping

After confirming your solution,our engineer will design drawings for you


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