Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment 300L 400L 500L Sus304/316 Brewhouse System Conical Fermenter with jacket

Commercial beer brewing equipment produced by us. the brewhouse equipment for the production of live and filtered beer, brew master make their beer attractive to customers by unique brewing process and distinctive beer taster. If desired, they can be placed directly in places of consumption of beer: restaurants, pub, bars, hotels, tourist and shopping centers.


What is commercial beer brewing equipment?

The global beer market continues to heat up, commercial beer brewing equipment is becoming more and more popular, mainly reflected in some small and medium-sized factories. To invest in a commercial beer brewing equipment, many factors need to be considered.

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment


Commercial beer brewing equipment to produce good results

The technical maturity of good commercial beer brewing equipment is so high that it runs well. This feature is very important for food manufacturing equipment for beer brewing.
Many customers express that the beer brewed by commercial beer brewing equipment has a good taste and aftertaste. This is due to the DEGONG equipment brand and proficiency in the beer industry.

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment


Good workmanship and durability of equipment

At the same time, we found that the basic workmanship of large-brand commercial beer brewing equipment is good, its running state and operating comfort are good in actual use. The stable and reliable self-made beer equipment is more comfortable for many catering operators.

Welding Technique

Mature welding technique ensure the leak proofness of tanks, it will increase the service life.

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment


Polishing Technique

Mature polishing technique can avoid the impurities inside of the tanks to ensure the hygiene.

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment


World’s famous brand accessories

We use the ABB motor on our mash tanks to make sure the whole equipment works stably and efficient.

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment


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