Complete set of 2000L commerical used industrial brewing equipment turnkey brewery for sale

This 2000L commerical used industrial brewing equipment include all components for a complete set of brewhouse. All components used have high quality standards and are characterized by their ease of use.All component of the brewing system is made of stainless steel,including tanks, butterfly valves, piping……


The 2000L industrial brewing equipment three-vessel brewhouse consists of a “mash/boil tun,lauter tun,whirlpool tun and a separate hot water tank(HWT is optional)”.

1000l brewery equipment 3-vessel beer brewhouse

2000L industrial brewing equipment three-vessel brewhouse


Calculation of annual production of 2000L industrial brewing equipment

2000l/brewx5 brews/weekx50weeks/year = 500000l

Production expansion when increasing the tank capacity is possible.


Brew House configuration of 2000L industrial 3-vessel brewhouse

Mashing tun insulated also used as Wort Boiler:
  • Agitator with VFD control

  • Spray Ball with ball valve

  • Top Manhole DN 400

  • Grist hydrator

  • Temperature sensor


Lauter Tun:
  • Raker with VFD control

  • Top Manhole DN 400                                                                                                           

  • Side manhole for spent grain removable

  • Spray Ball with ball valve

  • Spray arm for washing spent grain 

  • False bottom for filter and get clear wort

  • Temperature sensor


Whirlpool tun :
  • Top Manhole DN 400                                                                                                           

  • Spray Ball with ball valve

  • Temperature sensor

  • Tangential port


  • Control system manual (without mash automatic)

  • Set of butterfly valves in DN 25 and all piping for mash and wort                               

  • Plate heat exchanger wort / cold water     

  • Stainless steel Hops filter

  • 50L Wort grant

  • Aeration device


Other configuration except 3-vessel beer brewhouse

2-vessel:MLT(mash/lauter tank)+KWT(kettle/whirlpool tank)+HLT(hot liquid tank)

2 tank 3 vessels:Combined MLT(mash/lauter tank is above of hot water tank)&HLT(hot water tank at below of mash/lauter tank)+KWT(kettle/whirlpool tank)

4-vessel:MT(mash tank)+LT(lauter tank)+KT(kettle tank)+WT(whirlpool tank)+HLT(hot liquid tank)

 DEGONG Beer brewhouse configuration

Based on the heating method,the brewhouse can be divided into electric heating,steam heating and direct fire heating.

1.Electric heating is suitable for the micro brewery equipment from 100l-1000l.

2.Steam heating is suitable for commercial brewery equipment above 1000L.

3.In some area,the electric is very expensive,and the use of steam is very strict,then direct fire heating is a good choice.



a) In the mash boiler the mash will be cooked, then it will be pumped with one beer pump made of stainless steel from mash boiler to the lauter tun.

b) After the lauter wort will be pumped back to the mash boiler.

c) After lautering,the cleay wort will be pumped into boiling/whirlpool tun 

d) After cooking the hops a special injection valve is introduced inside the lauter tun so that it can be used as a whirlpool.

e)The hot wort is cooled by a two-stage plate heat exchanger on pitching. and the cooled wort are pumped into fermentation tank.

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Mashing and lautering

Sight glass

Sight glass to check if the wort is clear after lautering

Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger


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