Cooling tower

Chillers can be classified as air-cooled or water-cooled depend- ing on the method of heat rejection used. Air-cooled chillers reject heat to the atmosphere via a fan that … Although the cool- ing water for the condenser can come from a public water utility, a river or lake, a cooling tower is used in the majority of installa- tions.



Water Cooling Tower – For use of water-cooled chillers


1.Industrial cooling tower is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in central air-conditioning, refrigeration, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, electroplating and other industries;

2.Curve twill cooling fills, effectively extending the heat exchange between circulating water and cooling air in the tower, more reasonable airflow, minimum air resistance;

3.Gale fan leaves, running more smoothly, reducing noise, greatly improving the cooling efficiency;

4.Tower shell is made of high strength FRP, can resist the erosion from natural factors and chemicals, all steel structure has been hot-  dip galvanized processing.

Note: The nominal cooling capacity is according to:

inlet water temperature: 37 deg. C; outlet water temperature: 32 deg. C;

wet bulb temperature: 27 deg. C; water temperature difference: 5 deg. C.