Corny 6L 10L 18.5L 24.5L


6L Ball Lock homebrew beer Corny Keg 304 stainless steel cornelius kegs, OB kegs, soda wine barrel

Note: They are updated,the keg is made of stainless steel,smooth surface,no scratches,and the cost is increase 5-6 dollars ,Same sale  price but better quality. Pls do not hesitate.It worth you to purchase. This handle is mamual welded kegs body

1-Keg Height is about 27cm (10.6″)
2-Keg Diameter is about 23cm (9.1″)

Made from Stainless Steel 304.
Durable Metal Strap Handle Design.
Stainless Steel Closure Lid with Pressure Relief Valve.
High Gloss Stainless Steel Exterior Finish.

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Package include: 1*6L stainless steel keg