Craft 500l beer brewery equipment vendors Made in China

The design and fabrication are both following what is more suitable for local request, to make sure client has less extra cost on other issues when running the brewery. We make operating the system for brewing easier and more efficient as the priority, meanwhile we try our best to lower the cost of material and save energy, to help all clients all over the world find the best balance between investment and income.


Turnkey 500l brewery equipment

Two vessels or three vessels brewhouse: mash/lauter, kettle/whirlpool, hot liquor tank;

Heating method: electric heating, can also be steam heating, etc;

It can fix with hopback. wort grant;

The pump will be frequency control, ABB brand or other world famous brand;

The heater exchanger can be single stage or double stage, inside will be SUS304/316 material.

The platform can be steel grate type, or other type customers like.

The fermenter :recommend 4~8 fermenters, its Qty. can be flexible according to customer’s requirement. Or follow our suggestion.

Carbonation device will be optional;

The bright beer tank,horizontal beer tanks,serving tanks and more

With related cooling system;

50L or 100L CIP cleaning system;

PID control or PLC simens control;


500l Beer brewery equipment to produce craft beer

Widely used for home hobby, pub, bar, restaurant, hotel, teaching test equipment, micro, medium factory, etc.


Fermentation tanks brewery equipment and components

After brewhouse process , then the wort is chilled to fermentation temperature , and yeast is added . It is at this point that the liquid actually becomes beer. Yeast can finish fermenting in as little as there days to as many as 30 days . depending on the strain of the yeast , the amount of sugar in the solution , and the temperature of fermentation . Brewers often allow the beer to sit through a period of cold conditioning after fermentation is complete.


Strictly control for production quality 

1.After receiving the order, we will hand over the technical personnel to design the equipment drawings.

2. Before the production, technical staff, seller and procurement, production department, etc. will discuss the technical details of the equipment; If no problem, hand in the drawings, the technical list to the production and procurement department;

3. In the production process, the quality inspection personnel will regularly check the production details of the equipment and re-qualify the production;


How to test?

1. Pipe connection, water test for 24 hours

2. The inner cone is polished to 0.4μm, and the inner cylinder and the outer cone are protected by the surface; the inner and outer of the dish-shaped head, the outer cover and the outer cylinder are sandblasted;

3. After the production is completed, the cylinder is filled with water for leak test, and the jacket is subjected to water and pressure test, and the test pressure.


Brewery equipment machinery components


CIP Cleaning system for all brewery tanks

Micro Brewery can be a good start of your own brewery business with the size from 500L to 2000L.

By learning each brewer’s individual needs, we will work with you on first stage layout design, on just right lauter tun size, on piping design, on planning your expansion project in very first start to make your own micro brewhouse.

We design and produce a line of complete microbreweries to your specifications. Alternative brewhouse configurations are of 2-vessel, 3-vessel styles and customized. To guarantee breweries’ reliable performance, we use quality stainless steel, fittings, and various parts, depending on our good craftsmanship, deep experience and technology in brewing industry. Especially, we focus on your convenient running breweries, by learning your special specifications and realizing them on the brewing systems.


Beer brewing process

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