3bbl stainless steel brewery beer equipment


3bbl stainless steel brewery beer equipment

3bbL beer brewing equipment is one popular equipment for small-scale brewery.All of our equipment iscustomized according to customer’s requirement,such as configeration,heating method or quantity of tanks.

Now I introduce our equipment briefly.The whole set equipment contains:mill machine,brewhouse,fermentation system,cooling system,control system,CIP cleaning system.

3bbl stainless steel brewery beer equipment


Working Area2-30M2
Working voltageDC 24v
Working pressure 1.5Bar
MaterialInner(SUS304),thickness: 3.0mm;
Insulation Polyurethane-thickness 100 mm.
Temperature wayDouble metal thermometer
Outsourcing surface:Weld polishing processing
Jacket Pressure: design pressure 0.3 MPa, working pressure <0.2 MPa.

Detailed configuration

Miller:100kg/h,double roller

Brewhouse: mash/lauter tun,boiling/whirlpool tun and hot water tun.   steam heating,gas heating or electric heating

Fermentation tank: top manhole or side manhole;Accessories on the tank:breathing valve,cleaning ball,pressure guage,machinery regulator,raking arm,temperature sensor,sample valve,carbonator

Cooling system: Glycol tank &refreigeration unit

Control systemIt can be PLC control,all of the element is Schneider,Danfoss,or Siemens

CIP systemSterilization tank,alkali tank,circulate pump


1. This beer equipment machine is brewery for pub ,Bar,Restaurant draft .

2. Stable worktable and 20 years usage life.

3. Easy to maintain saving time and labor.

4. This machine is economy and competitive.

5.All of the equipment is customized according to customer’s equipment.

3bbl equipment is very suitable for brewpub,bar,hotel.It will not occupy so much space,and it will also show customer how to brew beer.


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Additional information

Weight1500 kg