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Grain Brew system, there are two part to use electric heating, the one is mash tun, the one is kettle. Electric heating mash tun is a vessel used in the mashing process to convert the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermentation. The mashing tun/kettle is made out of stainless steel or copper. The direct fire mash tun is insulated to maintain a constant temperature. It including Direct fire combustion chamber, chimney and safety device.


Grain Brew system overview
1 malt milling system 

malt miller machine; Flex auger

2 mash system

Mash tank, lauter tank

Boiling tank, whirlpool tankCooking tank (Optional)

Hot water tank

Mash/wort/hot water pump Motors

Wort oxygenation device

Operation platform

Plate heat exchanger

3 Fermenting system

Beer fermenters

Bright beer tanks

Yeast adding tank

Accessories, such as sample valve, pressure gauge, safety valve etc.

4 Cooling system

Glycol water tank Cold water tank

Refrigerating unit

5 CIP cleaning system disinfection tank & alkali tank &cleaning pump etc.
6 Control system  Control system: PLC automatic and semi-automatic, the elements brand include MCGS, Siemens and so on.

Grain Brew system mash tun

1-Effective volume: 900L, total volume: 700L.
2-Inside surface: SUS304, TH: 3mm. Inner packling passivation.
Outside surface: SUS304, TH: 2mm;
Thermal insulation material: polyurethane, thickness: 80mm.
3-Heating method: Electric element heating. Voltage: 220v/60Hz/3P, 380v/50Hz/3P, 415v/50Hz/3P.
4-Manhole, top glass manhole with LED light
5-Temperature measurement method: PT100 temperature probe.
6-Cleaning method: Fixed rotate double cleaning ball.
7-Machinical Agitation: at the top agitator with VFD frequency control.
8-Indoor exhaust device, with steam condenser pipe.(condensate drop to drainage directly).
9-With: hydrator, thermometer, level with scale display, all necessary valves and fittings;
10-Stainless steel legs, with screw assembly to adjust leg height
11-Process: TIG welding, polished inside and outside, no welding dead, fluid quality assurance.

Grain Brew system brew kettle

1-Inside surface:  SUS304, TH: 3mm.
Outside surface:  SUS304, TH: 2mm;
Thermal insulation material:polyurethane, thickness: 80mm.
2-Polishing coefficient: 0.6µm without dead corner.
3-Top sight glass manhole with LED light
4-Heating method:  Electric heating Voltage: 220v/60Hz/3P, 380v/50Hz/3P, 415v/50Hz/3P.
5-One wort inlet port diameter, to improve the flow speed, two outlets, liquid level display,
6-Cleaning method: Fixed rotate cleaning ball.
7-Level indicator with borosilicate glass.
8-Stainless steel legs, with screw assembly to adjust leg height.
9-All necessary valves and fittings;
10-Process: TIG welding, polished inside and outside, no welding dead, fluid quality assurance.

Grain Brew system details

Grain Brew system fermentation system

Modern commercial conical fermenters have the advantage of being made from stainless steel which can be reused indefinitely, is impregnable to odors and discoloration, and can be sanitized easily. Most jacketed fermenters sit atop legs and thus allow siphoning to occur through gravity.
Additionally, yeast can be drawn off at any point during fermenting, to be washed and reused again.
These features yield considerable cost and time savings for commercial breweries, as well as faster turn-over rates for batches. Glycol-jacketed fermenters have the added benefit of an efficient cooling system built right into the tank.

Grain Brew system fermentation tank

fermentation tank details