Isobaric double-valve to filling beer into kegs and petainers



Microbreweries often use a manual filling heads to fill the kegs with beer. The shape of a coupler fits with the type of a keg. The filling head has valves that are adapted to the slow filling of the kegs under back pressure. The head also allows to fill kegs with inert gas (before filling). Keg must be thoroughly washed and sanitized before filling.


We deliver these keg filling couplers – designed for most common types of kegs:


The procedure of filling of the keg with the a filler and a coupler

  1. Connect the filling part (part with manometer) with the coupler (part with the cap).
  2. Fill CO2 gas into the keg valve (2). We recommend setting a filling pressure lower (cca 0.5 bar lower) than is the pressure in the tank.
  3. Check the pressure on manometer during the filling.
  4. Close the valve (2) after you reach the target pressure in the keg.
  5. Open the valve for beer (1). At the same time open the valve (3) and let the CO2 leak slightly out.The pressure in the keg rises during the filling.
  6. Valve no. 3 – beer with foam. Then the keg is full. Close all valves at this moment and disconnect the coupler from the keg.

Filling of the 50-liters keg takes from 1 to 4 minutes – the time depends on the chosen overpressure.