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sus304 beer fermenter system is mainly composed of fermentation tanks and bright beer tanks.The fermentation tank is designed differently according to the fermentation process.
The general fermentation tank is the upper head, the lower cone structure, the tank itself is equipped with a cooling device, the cone part of the tank has a cooling jacket, the cylinder part has two to three cooling jacket.This can not only meet the cooling requirements and guarantee the cooling rate of the fermentation tank, but also help to precipitate and preserve the yeast.


DEGONG product features:

1. Appearance clean and generous: The tank is polished by mirror, and the equipment is bright;
2. Good insulation effect: The equipment is divided into two kinds of heat insulation and cold insulation, which is the best to ensure the temperature of the beer brewing process;
3. Visualization operation: the equipment is controlled by PLC, and the fermentation tank is equipped with a glass tube level gauge, which is convenient for visual operation;
4. Low energy consumption: environmental protection, energy saving, low power consumption, saving energy consumption of about 20%.


sus304 beer fermenter

sus304 beer fermenter in the pub

sus304 beer fermenter features:

Our Fermentation tanks/tun available from 100L to 20000L and average 25% Head Space.
All tanks have a Dish top
Cylinder body & 60/70°Cone Bottom.
Certified stainless steel(304,316) material for all tanks, with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish.
Dimple Plate jacket for Glycol cooling & high efficient Polyurethane foam insulated.
All tanks use Tri-clamp connections.

sus304 beer fermenter

sus304 beer fermenter more information

1. Volume: 300L+25%
2. Inner 3mm; full welded; sus304
Outer 2mm; full welded; sus304
Insulation 80mm–Polyurethane foam
3. Inner finish: Surface to finish pickled and passivated Exterior finish: brushed shell
4. 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
5. Inner full polished <0.4um without dead corner
6. Dimpled plate jacket on cone and side
7. Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom
8. Top manhole
9. TC connected CIP arm with 360degree spraying ball
10. Sample valve 1pc; Solenoid valve 1pc
11. Mechanical safe valve PVRV 2Bar on CIP Arm 1pc
12. Pressure gauge 1pc
13. Rotating racking arm with butterfly valve 1pc
14. Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor 1pc
15. Dry hop port
16. Breath valve on top of tank 1pc

sus304 beer fermenter

fermenter details(bottom of fermenter, cleaning ball, drain outlet,sight glass, raking arm, sample valve)

We make the best equipment so you can make the best brews
Our equipment has passed CE certification. Inspection and testing is conducted when purchased materials are received, during production, and prior to shipping finished products,Before the equipment is shipped, we test the equipment to ensure the normal use of the equipment.. In addition, you’re welcome to visit and/or schedule a third party audit. You’ll be as proud of the results as we are.Cheers!

sus304 beer fermenter

all in one all grain brewing system

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