micron carbonation stone filter carbonation stone for beer

Carbonation Stone, a device used to diffuse carbon dioxide into beer. … Usually used inside a brewery bright tank or a brewpub serving tank, the carbonation stone is a hollow cylinder, capped at one end, into which carbon dioxide is forced under pressure.


Carbonation stone with valve

For in-tank carbonation using CO2
In pressure tanks via a 1.5” tri-clamp port
Manufactured by American Beer Equipment
Micron Pore Size: 1 Micron
Fitting type: 1.5” Tri-Clamp

Carbonation stone filter

Material: AISI304, AISI316L
Available Size: OD 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm
Available Length: 6″ or 8″ , ODM according to customer drawing
Application: Dairy,Beer,Beverage,Pharmaceutical,Cosmetic and Chemical Industries et
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Carbonate your brew efficiently in your Brite tank or Fermenter with Cellar Supply’s carbonation stones.

Fits a standard 1.5″ TC Port on your Brite tank or fermenter.

The connection outside of the tank is a 1.5″tc which is designed to clamp to Cellar Supply’s “Sanitary Gas Check Valve” which prevents beer flowing back into the CO2 line.

The design allows the stone to easily incorporate into your acid CIP loop to prevent “Beerstone” buildup.
2 µ Pore Size

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