Mini Mobile Brewhouse 100L & 100L huisbrouwerij systeem



Technical description of the brewhouse:

  • Mash-tun:
    •      Removable agitator
    •      Geared motor to drive the impeller
    •      Feature hot tubs – 2 tangential inlet (the swirl agitator is removed from the container)
    •      Pressure inspection hatch
    •      Sanitation shower
    •      Electric heating-oil (oil pumped from the tank to the bottom and jacketed casing)
  • Lauter tun:
    •      Straining sieve with conical elongated holes – 4-pieces removable
    •      Raiser
    •      Boot removable
    •      Sanitation shower
    •      Pressure inspection hatch
  • Sight glass to mash-wort path
  • Pump mash-lauter
  • Oil Pump
  • Tray for heating oil
  • Plate heat exchanger 2-level
  • Vapor exaust pipe
  • Manual operation of valves
  • For control of motors, pumps and heating must be retrofitted brewhouse distributor and system measurement and control.


  • Parts coming into contact with raw materials and food – Food polished stainless steel …. 1.4301
  • Lower support frame and auxiliary parts … Carbon Steel comaxited.


Schot van stalen tanks in een brouwerij
Schot van stalen tanks in een brouwerij