premium quality 15BBL brewery equipment industrial large scale

The brewery equipped with semiautomatic control panel.Staff training occurs during installation of equipment and test brews. The system can be heated by steam,electricity or gas;and controlled by manual,semi-automatic or full automatic.The mainstream of two-vessel brewhouse is steam heated and semi-automatic controlled system.


Choosing the right tanks to complement your brew house and controls is critical to our turnkey systems. You’ll get all the upgraded features you’d expect from your tank supplier, but with the option to customize based on your controls, brewery setup, space constraints, and brewing style.

Brewery equipment Industrial 2-vessel brewhouse with fermenters

Breweries Features:  

  • Automatic /semi-automatic operation system,need one or two brewer operate
  • With our equipment you can make different kinds beer such as ale,lager, IPA, stout beer and so on, we supply the brewing recipes
  • We have different capacity from 50L to 10000L per batch , our brewery equipment approved CE, ISO ,TUV certificate
  • Have good feedback from our clients
  • Installation/Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.


spent-min - 副本

Spent grains hatch with Slide

Semiautomatic brewing:
We produce affordable brewing systems that are easy to operate, yet still assure highest quality.
Brewing system is also suitable for beginners.
Our Breweries operate with a perfect degree of standard automation.

Fully automated brewing:
Professional PLC-Automation
Brewing software
Money and time saving
Increased capacity
Highest quality

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 Side manhole and pressure gauge on the brewery equipment

Brewery equipment 2-vessel brewhouse:

  • Mash/lauter tank
  • Boiling kettle/whirlpool tank
  • Working capacity: 15BBL
  • Gross capacity: 18BBL
  • With hop back system
  • With plate heat exchanger
  • Operating platform
  • With wort/hot water pumps

Brewery equipment Fermenters:

3BBL -120BBL available capacity

Material: SUS 304

Standard features:

  • Pressure relief valve
  • CO2  blow-off arm & CIP arm
  • Coolant inlet and outlet
  • Sample valve
  • Side manway
  • Top Dry Hopping Port
  • Rotating Racking arm
  • Temperature and pressure gauges

Company introduction:

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