Standard configuration brewing vessels 20bbl brewpub set up

A taproom helps a brewery be profitable with a direct point for sales on-site. Be it production brewery with an attached taproom or dedicated brewpub. A taproom offers a fun place for locals to hang out, socialize and make new friends. We deliver Brewhouses & turnkey projects and  like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation. we build brewery systems with high technology, perfect craftsmanship at best value for money.


 Standard configuration brewing vessels

There are many suppliers of brewing vessels, especially given the boom of new breweries within the last decade. But most suppliers do not actually manufacture the vessels themselves. Rather, they are typically imported from manufacturers in China or other countries. While this can keep costs down for customers, the quality of the design, materials, and build varies wildly.


Brewhouse brewing vessels two tank for brewing


Our brewhouse comes in 2, 3, or 4 vessel configurations to fit your production needs.

2 vessel: mash/lauter, boiling/whirlpool or mash/kettle,lauter/whirlpool;

3 vessel:mash tun,lauter tun,boiling/whirlpool tun; or mash/lauter,boiling tank,whirlpool tank.

4 vessel: mash tun,lauter tun,boiling tun,whirlpool tun.

Ready to grow to the next phase or looking for a pilot system to test some new recipes? Our brewhouse can ship quickly and integrates with your current heating source, whether it is Direct Fire, Steam or Electric.

There are three heat sources for the hot liquor tank and brew kettle:

Direct Fire A flame heats the exterior of the tank which transfers heat to the liquid in the tank.
Pros: least expensive; best option for small systems Cons: a concentrated area of heat that can scorch the wort;  inefficient energy utilization (heat lost to surrounding air); not for use on systems larger than 10 barrels
Electric  Large heating elements are placed inside the kettle just like a residential electric water heater.
Pros: less expensive than steam; very efficient energy utilization Cons: electricity sometimes more expensive than gas; needs 3-phase heavy power; not for use on systems larger than 10 barrels
Steam This is the industry standard for brewing systems sized 15 barrels and up. A separate boiler heats water with gas flame to create steam that is circulated through an insulated steel jacket around the kettle.
Pros: fairly efficient; heats quickly Cons: most expensive; requires separate costly boiler; boiler maintenance

If you are just starting out with a micro-brewery or brewpub, our brewhouse offers a phased scale-up approach to get your taproom up now and your process setup for future distribution. You are in control of your design and our experts can help you refine it for the best outcomes.

There is stock in the factory and can be shipped within three days after payment


Fermentation tank components

If you decide to incorporate a unitank into your brewing process, we  offer both standard and custom unitanks for your brewery. Unitanks combine the features of a fermenter and a bright tank allowing brewers the ability to ferment or carbonate their beer in a single vessel — an ideal solution for brewers who need a high level of flexibility in their cellar.


A turnkey brewing vessels

If you do end up choosing a supplier that imports equipment, pick  DEGONG engineers to design the equipment(We have certificate like TUV,ISO, ASME…and have the ability to provide you with high quality products to meet your requirements).


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