500L Commercial used stainless steel or copper brewhouse brewery equipment





The commercial brewery equipment includes milling, mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, CIP and control system.Every system is indispensable and variable.In other words, the system with same size has thousands of different configurations.


Milling system

The milling system contains malt miller and flexible auger.If the equipment is bigger,it will need a flexible auger to transfer malt.

malt miller

銅の醸造所 醸造設備

Brewhouses can be 2-vessels,3-vessels,4-vessels,with electric heating,steam heating or direct fire heating.And the material can be stainless steel and red copper.Except brewing tanks,the system also include pump,plate heat exchanger,wort grant,operation platform,hos filter and other auxiliary equipment you need.

500L 2容器ステンレスビールマッシングシステム

500L 2容器ステンレスビールマッシングシステム


500L 2船電気&蒸気加熱銅醸造所醸造設備

raker of lauter tank

Raker and top manhole

beer lauter tank

Pump&false bottom

Beer fermentation tank

Fermentation Tanks are equipped with separate cooling zones which can be individually controlled and entirely insulated. CIP tube and a cleaning head included. The materials used and the surface finishing depend on the intended application and the customers’ specifications.

1000L fermenter

1000L stainless steel isobaric fermentation tank


Smooth welding and polishing,side manhole,stainlss steel valve,sample valve,temperature sensor,pressure gauge


CIP System

The CIP system is refer to cleaning system,normally,it contains an alkali tank,a sterilization tank and a circulate pump,sometims customer also will require an acid tank.




The control system controls the whole brewing progress.All of the component is Siemens,Schenider or Omron.And it is accord with European standard.

control system DEGONG



The cooling system contains cold water tank,glycol water tank,chiller and circulate pump.The capacity of cooling system is according to quantity and capacity of fermentation tank

cooling system of DEGONG brewery


304 SS or 316LSS or copper.

30% head space at least for each tank

Motorized mash mixers, lauter rakes and spent-grain plow

ABB Siemens motors/pumps on the whole system

Stainless steel process piping, work cabinet and control cabinet

Siemens/Schneider/Omron electric element

Grirst hydrator bowl with hot/cold liquor blending

Sight level indicators on fermenting system.

Insulated with a minimum of 100mm Chloride-Free PU Insulation.

Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4 μm without dead corner

Adjustable Levelers provide a level tank regardless of floor slope;




After delivering the equipments to our customers, Degong will arrange special worker to do the track service,because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service. Once Degong gets the feedback from customers, we will do our best to deal with it for you.


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