Thermal expansion valve



Thermal expansion valve


Emerson’s thermal expansion valves

They are designed for a wide range of air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump, and chiller applications.

It uses stainless steel power elements that are unsusceptible to corrosion. It offers products with conventional, as well as balanced ported designs that are advantageous when applied to systems with large load variations and/or floating head applications. Emerson thermal expansion valves cover a wide range of nominal capacity, from 1/2 ton to 100 ton.

Note: Thermal expansion valves of other brands can also be provided.

1.Industrial cooling tower is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in central air-conditioning, refrigeration, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, electroplating and other industries;

2.Curve twill cooling fills, effectively extending the heat exchange between circulating water and cooling air in the tower, more reasonable airflow, minimum air resistance;

3.Gale fan leaves, running more smoothly, reducing noise, greatly improving the cooling efficiency;

4.Tower shell is made of high strength FRP, can resist the erosion from natural factors and chemicals, all steel structure has been hot-  dip galvanized processing.