Turnkey breweries 2000 liters per day brew all grain equipment

We deliver Brewhouses & turnkey projects and  like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation. we build brewery systems with high technology, perfect craftsmanship at best value for money.


2000 liters per day for this turnkey brewery

Provided on the turnkey basis:

Obtainable  productivity of beer  , including the natural loss in technology process:

2,000 L (20 HL) per day ;  12,000 L (120 HL) per week; 600,000 L (6000 HL) per year

Products:  fresh beer (non-filtered beer) ;filtered beer; pasteurized beer

Heating  of the brew kettle and boiler:

Standard option for 2000L equipment –steam heating

Electric heating (heater unit in stainless steel cylinder)

Natural gas heating

2000L three vessles brewhouse on the breweries deck


1. grinder (mill) 1 piece 600 kg/h

2. mash/brew kettle (2,000 L) 1 piece

3. lauter/whirpool (2,000 l) 1 piece

4. hot water vessel (2,000 l) 1 piece

5. semi-automatic or computerized central control panel of the brewhouse 1 piece

6. system for monitoring and adjusting the flow of wort, filtration and cooling of beer


A row of breweries fermentation tanks


1. conical (unitank) tank (net volume: 2,000 l) 12 pieces

2. service (finished beer) tank (net volume: 2,000 l) 2 pieces

3. individual control panel of cooling temperature of unitanks 12 pieces

4. individual control panel of cooling temperature of finished beer storage tank 2 pieces

5. transformer (220V) 1 piece

6. mobile station for washing and disinfection of brewhouse, CCTs and service tanks 1 set

7. equipment for collection and storage of yeast 1 set

8. pump for pumping beer liquid and beer between vessels of the brewery 1 piece


Drawing of fermentation tank and brite tank breweries


1. kieselguhr filter (2,000 l/h) 1 piece

2. semi-automatic line for washing and disinfection of keg-barrels and for beer filling into keg-barrels 1 set


1. cooling system 1 set


1. beer pasteurizer in stream (1,000 l/h) 1 piece

2. semi-automat for filling of beer and glass bottles (400 bottles/hour) 1 piece

3.semi-automatic closing machine for bottles  1 piece

NOTE: If you want to customize any of our standard sets of brewing equipment, all you need to do is to send us your request.

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