2000L custom turnkey commercial craft beer brewery equipment for sale

Most welcomed and competitive brewery system all over the world. Designed perfectly for operation. World-renowned components built it. Easy to operate and maintain. Can be updated regularly. Be able to retain the original flavor of ingredients.


2000L steel brewhouse 

As one of the six essential components of craft beer brewery equipment, Brewhouse is used to convert the mix of water and grain into wort after a series of processes including mash, lautering, boiling and whirlpool. When it comes to equipment manufacturing, even though we have a standard configuration, but customer’s requests are always our priorities. Our staff works on everything with you from finalizing configuration to assembling equipment at site. Once the manufacturing of all equipments is finished, we will debug and pilot run it in our factory based on our quality standard to make sure everything is prefect before it leaves our factory.

Technical parameters:

  • 2,3 or 4 vessel structure which depends on customer’s request
  • Steam heating method for brewhouse
  • Insulation of brewhouse: Polyurethane
  • ABB wort pump
  • Siemens/ SEW motor of raker
  • Skid-proof operating brewhouse platform
  • Tri-clamp connection for brewhouse
  • Programmable logic controller control system for brewhouse
  • Touchable screen
  • Inner shell of brewhouse: 3.0mm  Outer shell of brewhouse: 2.0mm   Dimple jacket of brewhouse: 1.5mm
  • Plate heating exchanger mounted
  • Tempered glass manhole
  • LED light mounted
  • Reverse flushing mounted
  • Automatic grain discharging


   2000L insulated and jacketed  fermentation tank 

Fermentation process is a period during which the wort converts into drinkable beer after a series of procedure such as anaerobic respiration and aerobic respiration. Fermentation tank provides room for fermentation process. After building fermenters, we test every single fermenter by pressure test, so that the disqualified fermenter can be took out and rebuilt.

Technical parameters:

  • 100% TIG welded fermentation tank
  • Mirror polishing inside of fermenter, polishing degree 0.4um
  • Working pressure of fermenter: 1.5-2 Bar
  • Design pressure of fermenter: 3 Bar
  • CIP arm mounted to clean the fermentation tank thoroughly
  • Necessary components mounted such as vacuum valve, sample valve, temperature gauge, pressure gauge, racking arm, side manhole, dry hopping hole, temperature sensor, etc…
  • Insulation of fermentation tank: Polyurethane
  • Temperature controlled fermenter
  • Dual cooling zones, one is attached at cylindrical body of fermenter and the other is attached to conical part of fermenter
  • 4 pieces of leveling foot


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