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For a 4-vessel brewhouse you have one vessel for each step, mash tun, lauter tun, boil kettle, and whirlpool. … With a system this big, it can pump the entire mash, grain and liquid, from the mash tun over to the lauter tun.



Commercial brewing equipment brewery

Brewhouse system Features:

Brewhouse is the most important process in the preparation of wort. Through the mashing process, it is the insoluble substance in the malt powder that is converted into a water-soluble substance.


brewery 2 vessel brewhouse

Brewhouse unit Details:

Mash & Lauter tun for producing craft beer

Made of stainless steel 304.

Exterior walls completely welded with TIG welding, with 100mm of insulation in the bottom of the tank and in the walls.

Mirror polished interior.

Integrated jacketing system with laser at the bottom and on the walls of the tank.

Detachable rectangular side cover to remove the used grain.

Motor system (adjustable speed/inverter).

False bottom filter.

Boiling & whirlpool tank  for producing craft beer

Vertical and cylindrical container made of stainless steel 304.

Exterior walls completely welded with TIG welding, with 100 mm of insulation in the inferior region and walls.

Mirror polished interior tank.

Jacketed at the bottom and on the walls, with heating capacity via electric heating/steam heating(Equipped with steam boilers: electric boilers, gas boilers .

Tangential wort entry.



Dished head,spent grains hatch,raker and top manhole

Heat exchanger

Usage: wort fully cooled in one hour.

Temperature probe: PT1000.

Material: Stainless steel 304.

Wort cooling: from 100ºC to 18ºC.


Heat exchanger two stage cooling


Brewery fermentation tanks:

Fermentation: The cooled wort plus yeast is sent to a cylindrical cone bottom fermentation tank for fermentation, cooled with a jacket and controlled for temperature. When the following fermentation is carried out, the maximum temperature is controlled at 8 to 13 ° C. The fermentation process is divided into a foaming period, a high foaming period, and a low foaming period.


Conical fermentation tank

Fermntation tank details:

Interior Tank Thickness: 3.0 mm;exterior Shell Thickness: 2.0 mm

Polyurethane Insulation Thickness: 100 mm

Glycol Jacket (Dimple) Thickness: 1.5 mm

Stainless steel 304 sanitary construction

100% TIG welded and sanitary polished


brewery fermentation tanks fitting

Fermentation tank includes:

Blow Off Arm;Pressure Relief Valve

Hop Addition Port

Rotating 360° spray ball;Pressure Gauge

Carbonation Stone;Racking Arm

Sample Valve;Lifting Lugs

Side Shadowless Manway

Dual Zone Cooling Jacket with glycol inlet and outlet

Glycol Inlet & Outlet located on Cylinder

Glycol Inlet & Outlet located on Conical

Thermo-well Port

4 Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Legs

Leg Heights are easily adjustable with foot leveling pads

Assortment of Tri-Clamp Sanitary Fittings, Gaskets, & Butterfly Valves

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