Tri-Clamp Carbonation Stone Assembly stainless steel 316L in stock

Carbonation Stone, a device used to diffuse carbon dioxide into beer. … Usually used inside a brewery bright tank or a brewpub serving tank, the carbonation stone is a hollow cylinder, capped at one end, into which carbon dioxide is forced under pressure.


Using a diffusion stone pays off with a reliable level of carbonation every time.Our .5 micron stone is ideal to force carbonate your kegged beer, or as an aeration stone prior to fermentation.
It produces nice small bubbles, giving more surface area for diffusion.

Note: To prevent the micropore from getting clogged, we recommend not handling the porous surface directly with your fingers. Clean and sanitize the diffusion stone thoroughly before and after each us

Food grade aeration stone with 2 micron apertures, gives you healthy fermentation/carbonization
With 1/4” barb 316 stainless steel, better quality
Boiling the stone in clean water for at least 5 minutes is the only reliable way to clean and sanitize it completely

Tri-Clamp Carbonation Stone Assembly


Key features include:

2-micron carbonation stone
6” stem
6.75” stone
2-piece design for easy cleaning
Threaded 1/4” female NPT connection
Fits with 1.5” tri-clamp


Stainless steel carbonation stone

A must have gadget for homebrewers
Customer Promise: 12-month warranty, contact us freely if any doubts

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