Customized 10 BBL brewing system combined 3-vessel beer brewhouse for barley beer brewing

10 bbL brewing system usually is placed in restaurants, pub, bars, hotels or independent brewing room, which is common and popular in some European countries.The six basic brewing system contains malt miller,brewhouse,fermentation system,cooling system,control system and CIP system.Brewhouse/beer mashing system and fermentation system is the most important two part in the beer brewing progress.


Beer brewhouse of 10 BBL brewing system introduction

Our brewhouse system is designed to serve craft brewers for producing high quality beer efficiently. Brewhouse is made of premium quality food grade stainless steel 304, integrated with VFD control pumps, heat exchanger, platform,wort oxygnation system,grist hydrater,hops filter,grant tank, control panel  and valves&pipes in a sanitary modular system.

The brewhouse system contains 4 functions tanks,which is Mash Tun , Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool Tank.They can be combined freely,for 1000L brewhouse, Mash Tun/Kettle+Lauter Tank+Whirlpool tank+Double size hot liquid tank is the common configuration. 

10 bbl brewing system

10 BBL brewing system 3 vessel beer brewhouse
Other configurations:
  • 3-vessels:Mash/Lauter tank+Boiling tank+Whirlpool tank;OR Mash tank+Lauter tank+Boiling/Whirlpool tank
  • 2 tanks 3-vessels:Lauter tank&Whirlpool tank(lauter tank is above the whirlpool tank)+Mashing/boiling tank
  • Hot water tank and cold water tank are optional


10 BBL brewing system beer brewhouse component and features:



Mash tun&boilling kettle

①Mash mixer with gearmotor  

②steam removal pipe   

③flow-through steam condenser

④Interior lighting   

⑤Glass manway on top   

⑥Light on top  

⑦Temperature sensor   

⑧Two rotary washing heads 

⑨Thermal insulation (polyurethane foam)    

⑩two rotating washing balls with connection to a CIP-station



Lauter tank

①false bottom  

②sparging pipe for mash washing  

③gearmotor with grains raker  

④glass manway

⑤lighting inside    

⑥two rotary washing heads with connection to the CIP-station    

⑦side hatch for unloading the grain       

⑧Backflush pipe


Whirlpool tank

①Interior lighting  

②One rotary washing head  

③Top glass manway 

④Tangential port



Other accessories

Pipeline&fittings& butterfly valves;

Sight Glass;

Two pump for mash/wort/water

CIP-washing pipelines.

Brewhouse working platform with stairs

Hops filter

Wort grant

Aeration device

1000L brewing system

Sight glass

beer mashing and lautering


10 BBL Brewing system technical parameter:


Technical Parameters

Working capacity

10 BBL per batch

Brewhouse type

MLT+KWT, M+L+KWT, M+L+K+W, Customized.

Raw Material

Food grade stainless steel or red copper cladding.

Heating way

Electric heating, Steam heating, Direct fire.


Rock wool / 80-100mm

Tank wall

Outer wall 2mm / inner wall 3mm

Plate gap

Milling sieve plate ≤0.6mm; Material is SUS 304. (false bottom)


Polishing precision up to mirror polish; better than Ra0.4µm


Food grade Stainless steel 201


Company information

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