1000L 2/3/4 vessel stainless steel/copper beer brewing equipment


1000L 2/3/4 vessel stainless steel/copper beer brewing equipment

2-vessel brewhouse 2-vessel brewhouse configuration offer brewers a simple and cost effective solution. Through combining mash tun & lauter tun, and kettle & whirlpool into a 2-vessel solution, it will help you on space and cost saving without compromising brewing quality and control.
3-vessel brewhouse 3-vessel brewhouse configurations offer brewers a more efficient and faster brewing solution and achieve multi temp. control for step mash. It can be comprised by mash/lauter, kettle/whirlpool, and hot water tank.
4-vessel brewhouse 4-vessel brewhouse configuration offer brewers a professional and higher performance brewing solution for multi batches brew per day. It is comprised by mash, lauter, kettle, whirlpool. DG’s 4-vessel brewing system offer you options of semi-auto or automation controlling and overall flexibility.

Beer brewing equipment picture details

Beer brewing equipment SUS304 10BBL
Interior SUS304 Thickness 2.5mm
Exterior SUS304 Thickness 1.5mm
Bottom cone 60 degree for fermentor 160 degree for brewhouse
Heating/Cooling method Steam heating/Glycol cooling Dimple jacket
Temperature control PT100  
Pressure display SUS304 Pressure gauge
Pressure relie SUS304 Pressure relief valve
Cleaning SUS304 CIP arm with 360 spary cleaning ball
Insulation layer Rock wool/Polyurethane 70~80mm
Manway SUS304 Clamp or flange manway
Sampling valve SUS 304 Aseptic type, no dead coner
Dry hops adding port SUS304 Optional, clamp type
Carbonation device SUS304 Optional
Yeast adding tank SUS304 1L/2L
Bright beer tank SUS304 100L/200L, single or double walled available

Why choose us:

Reliable performance: By providing turnkey solutions for compact and industrial-style craft breweries to customers’ specifications and future expansion with decent craftsmanship and reliable performance, we received high comments and repeated orders from our customers.

Good know-how: We have good know-how about design of a brewing system, plus keeping study about craft brewing. All the brewhouse are customized according to brewer’s craft and building limit.

Always stand by: We’re here to help 24/7. We’ll respond back to you by email or Whatsapp to get your questions answered as quickly as possible. Professional engineer will design the equipment as per your requirement. And we will visit States every year to provide after-sale follow up visit.

Guaranteed quality & certification: We own a excellent production team with superb professional skills for cutting, welding, polishing, testing etc. Every equipment will be tested strictly before delivery.


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