10bbl 15bbl 20bbl 30bbl accessible commercial brewery equipment for sale

A durable and efficient brewhouse from DEGONG ensures your brewery every opportunity to thrive. We outfit small brew pubs to regional breweries from 5bbl to 40bbl. We understand that each brewer has his, or her own brewing methodology and budgetary requirements, therefore we offer varying levels of automation and customization of two, three and four vessel brewhouse configurations.


Beer equipment breweries 

We can provide a wide range of commercial brewing equipment to meet different levels of needs.

  • Malt Handling System
  • Custom Brewhouse, 20bbl-30bbl
  • 3, 4 & 5 Vessel Configurations
  • Full Automatic Control System
  • Cellar tanks, 20bbl-100bbl
  • Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks
  • Heating source:steam or electric elements
  • Portable Pumps & Flowmeter
  • Boiler: electric,gas and diesel
  • Full Automatic CIP Station
  • Hops dosing system
  • Yeast Propagation System
  • Beer Filtration
  • Keg Washing & Filling Line
  • Bottle Washing & Filling Line
  • Canning Washing & Filling & Sealing Line


Malt Handling System (adding malt elevator optional)

Brewery equipment  20bbl brewhouse system  

Two Vessels Brewhouse  

These configurations are great for small to mid-size breweries with up to two batches per day.

Option 1: Mash & Lauter tun Combination, Brew kettle & Whirlpool Combination

(Popular for Infusion mashing & Decoction Mashing)

HLT(Hot Liquor Tank) Option: With or Without

Option 2: Mash & Kettle Combination, Lauter & Whirlpool Combination

(For Decoction Mashing)

Three Vessels Brewhouse  

Option 1: Mash mixer, lauter tun, brew kettle & whirlpool Combination

(Energy Saving)

Option 2: Mash & kettle Combination, lauter tun, Whirlpool tank.

Option 3: Mash & Lauter Combination, Brew kettle, Whirlpool Tank

HLT(Hot Liquor Tank) Option: With or Without

Heating Method: Steam, Electric, Fire direct

Control: Full Automatic Or Manual

TUV/ISO Certificated

Stainless Steel 304/316 Construction


Brewery equipment Cellar tanks  

Every fermenter is equipped with:

Racking arm

Pressure relief valve

Blow-off/ clean-in-place (CIP) arm

CIP spray ball

Sample valve

Butterfly valves

TC clamps, gaskets and clamps

60-degree cone to collect waste yeast easily

  Conical fermenters and beer kegs available  in brewery


  Kegs:1/2 barrel ;1/4 barrel ;1/6 barrel we provide  


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