New designed 1bbl 2bbl 5bbl 10bbl 20bbl Commercial/craft used beer making device

The basic brewing system is composed of 6 systems.which is malt miller,mashing system,fermenting system,cooling system,control system and cleaning system.Some craft breweries provide fresh beer locally,so they just need to fill beer in keg or bottles and don’t need to filter and sterilizer;Some commercial used large breweries also need pasteurizer to sterilize,diatomate filter to filter,packing machine to package.
The output of beer brewing equipment depends on the type and size of mashing equipment, the size and number of fermentation tanks, and the fermentation cycle of beer.


The output of beer making device depends on the type and size of mashing equipment, the size and number of fermentation tanks, and the fermentation cycle of beer.

beer making device


Mashing system introduction-beer making device

The mashing system is the core of the whole set of beer making device and is responsible for the process of making malt into wort. Namely: “mashing-lautering-boiling-whirlpool” four main process steps. These four functional steps are completed by single tank or combined tanks. The hot water tank is auxiliary equipment.

  • Two-vessel:mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank;
  • Two-tank three-vessel mashing system: mash/lauter tank& whirlpool tank(mash/lauter tank is above the whirlpool tank) + boiling kettle);
  • Three-vessel: mash tank+lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank;
  • Four-vessel :mash tank+lauter tank+boiling tank+whirlpool tank
  • Hot water tank is an optional
  • Electric heating,steam heating or direct fire heating

beer brewhouse


Except the main brewing tanks, other accessories generally include plate heat exchanger, work platform, yeast add vessel, wort aeration, wort grant and mash pumps,pipes etc.

sight-glass- brewhouse

lautering mashing


Fermentation system introduction-beer making device

Our uni-tank fermentation vessels, ranging from 1 to over 200 BBL, are designed to meet the needs of the discerning craft brewer. We rigorously test all of our equipment for reliability and are happy to consult with setup and installation. All Craft Kettle equipment features high-quality welds, reliable components, and industry-standard 304 stainless steel.

2000L fermentation tank

accessories on fermentation tank

  • Uni-tank, pressure-tested for carbonation
  • More than 25% headspace above effective volume
  • CIP cleaning arm, with 360° coverage via our slotted, rotary spray-ball
  • CO2 blow-off arm
  • Rotating racking arm, with easy turn handle
  • Sample port with perlik style valve
  • Carbonation stone for single-vessel carbonation
  • Pressure / vacuum relief valve (“PRV”)
  • Dry hops adding port
  • High accurency temperature sensor
  • Available with pressure-tested glycol dimpled jacket cooling system


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The complete brewing system also should contain malt crush system,bright beer tank,cooling system,CIP system,control system,kegging or bottling or canning machine,filter system,water treatment device,pasteurization machine and so on.

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