2000L stainless steel commercial turnkey fermentation tank for sale


2000L turnkey fermentation tank

Relevant accessories:

· Safe relief valve: 

The temperature in the tank increases during fermentation, so it is necessary to install a safety release valve.

· Breather valve:

Prevent the tank from producing negative pressure, protect the safety of fermentation tank.

· Sampling valve:

Sampling holes in the tank help the winemaker keep an eye on the fermentation.

· The temperature probe:

With the continuous fermentation of wort, the temperature in the fermentation tank also rises continuously. At this time, the temperature is monitored through a thermometer, and the refrigeration system is started when the set temperature is reached.

· Pressure gauge:

The fermentation process produces a lot of carbon dioxide, so the pressure in the tank increases.The pressure gauge can be used to ensure that the pressure in the tank is within a reasonable range.

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