2000L stainless steel customized commercial brewing equipment for sale

2000L stainless steel customized commercial brewing equipment for sale
Degong Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in designing, researching and manufacturing the brewery equipment, beer filling line and subsidiary equipment.
Our equipments have been CE ISO TUV UL certified.


2000L stainless steel commercial brewing equipment for sale

Beer brewing processMalt is ground in the grain mill.
The milled grains are transported with bags to mash kettle.
In the mash tun the grist is mixed with brewing water from hot water tank(to form the mash)
In the lauter tun the dissolved liquid extract (wort) is separated from the solids (spent grains)
Brewing kettle is used for boiling.
Whirlpooling is creating by circulating the wort.
The cold wort is pumped through a hose from the heat exchanger to the fermentation cellar via the brew house pump.
The wort ferments in the fermentation tank.
The green beer matures in the serving tank.
After the ageing process the beer can be served directly from this tank.

Beer brewing equipment pictures

Part 1Malt grinder300KG/H2 Roller
Part 2Mash/boil tun2000LWith mechanical stirrer
 Lauter tun2000LFiltration bottom
 Whirlpool2000LSeparate vessel
 Hot water tank2000LConnect to plate heat exchanger
 Plate heat exchanger Hops filter in advance one/two grade exchanger
 Pumps frequency
Part 3Fermenter2000LFollow drawing
 BBT2000LFollow drawing
 Yeast adding tank  
Part 4Control cabinet For fermentation system and cooling system
Part 5Glycol water tank4000L 
Part 6CIP system300LWith pump and controler
moveable or not


Quality standard:

1. Construction by high quality SUS 304 food grade stainless steel, all pipes are SUS 304.
2. All tanks will be tested and detected in the NDT room after finished, to ensure no leakage.
3. All jackets will do water and pressure testing, design pressure: 3bar, working pressure: 1.5-2bar;
4. All tanks will be pressure protection 48 hours before leaving from factory;
5. All the welds are TIG full welded, dimpled jacket by using water to weld to make sure uniform to be long life.
6. All tanks are mirror polishing inside without dead corner, welds grinded to Ra 0.6um.
7. All the manholes and clamps gaskets will be sanitary.
The designer of brewing equipment for brewpub or restaurant must consider,
· Aesthetic
· Space Utilization
· Safety
· Easier Operation
· Waste Water Treatment
· Lower Cost

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