3BBL 5BBL 7BBL full-automatic beer brewery equipment craft beer brewing tanks all in one all grain brewing system for sale

all grain brewing system includes mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, control system, CIP systems and other components, DEGONG beer making equipment adopt Height to diameter ratio optimization design, all systems use sus304 stainless steel and the argon protection side welding molding technology , thus the inner wall of the vessel welded corners are clean enough to provide quality assurance for the production of high quality puree biological beer. At the same time, the stability of the DEGONG control system makes the entire equipments high intelligence, it achieves unattended in the true sense,thus it becomes automatic intelligent bio-fermentation equipment to provide a strong guarantee for the production of the bio beer.


3/5/7BBL all grain brewing system overview

All grain brewing system brewhouse system


Mash/lauter tun +boiling/whirlpool tun+hot water tank(optional)

Mash tun+lauter tun+boiling/whirlpool tun

Mash/lauter tun+boiling tun+whirlpool tun

Heating method:steam/electric/direct fire heating

Capacity:100L-5000L, 1bbl-40bbl.

Mash tun with mixer, steam jacket, VFD motor, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.

Lauter tun with rake system, milled false bottom, sparging spray ring,VFD motor, insulated 80mm.

Boiling tun with steam jacket, inner heated option, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.

Whirlpool tun with Tangential whirlpool inlet. insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.

External grant, hops back, heat exchanger.Wort oxygenation system, working platform.

All the necessary pipelines and pumps.

all grain brewing system

5BBL all grain brewing system

all grain brewing system

2 tanks 3-vessel brewhouse system

All grain brewing system fermentation system(FV+BBT)

Capacity: 100L-30000L, 1bbl-100bbl, +25% Head space

Material:stainless steel 304/316

Interior shell thickness 3-6mm, Exterior shell=2mm

100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield

Interior finish: pickled and passivated, external polished, 80mm insulated

Test pressure 3 bar, working pressure 1.5 bar

60°conical bottom for Fermenter, Shadow less side man way

Racking arm, Sample valve, Pressure relief valve on the top, Dry hopping on the top

Mechanical relief valve 3 bar on CIP arm with pressure gauge

Adjustable tank leveling pads

all grain brewing system

5BBL fermentation tanks

all grain brewing system

fermentation tank details(side manhole, mechanical regulation valve, drain outlet, raking arm)

What’s the advantage of welded ports?

1-Welded fittings are objectively better (thus the reason they cost more). They are stronger, more sanitary and will never fail. However not all welded fittings are the same. A popular term when talking about welded fittings is ‘sanitary welded’ or ‘back purged’.

2-When stainless steel is melted during welding it can’t come in contact with oxygen otherwise it’ll ‘sugar’ and produce a nasty compromised weld area. That is why inert argon gas is used during welding to shield the weld puddle from oxygen.

3-If you do not perform back-purge here, but sand down the “sugar” and the annoying back weld. To the naked eye this will look smooth (most of the time) however the material has been compromised and will form pits, cracks, rust, etc overtime. That’s why you’ll be able to see a weld bead on the inside of our fittings. we weld our tanks correctly and we’re proud of that beautiful looking sanitary weld.

all grain brewing system


all grain brewing system

the tanks welding

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