800L Hotel High Quality A set of Micro Brewery Equipment

Micro Brewery Equipment is typically applied to breweries that are much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries and are independently owned, but larger than breweries for restaurant, bars etc., as it distributes beer to local restaurants and bars, parties etc. To run a micro brewery and get suitable margin from this kind of business model, we suggest to start from 1000L/brew capacity minimum that concerning both the budget limitation and expanding capacity in future. Also 2000L-3000L beer equipment are common to see for a little larger business.


Micro Brewery Equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components. We process first-class product technology and the most advanced processing equipment in the stainless steel manufacturing industry, as well as quality inspection instrument and method suring producing. In the way, we’re not only can  manufacture first-class and high quality single tank, but also whole-set equipment to meet the customer’s special demands. We strictly follow the international manufacturing standard and Chinese industry standard.

The equipment for microbrewery is more professionally functional and concerns more details to brew in a more smart way, trying to decreasing the factors that may affect the brewing speed or beer flavors. 

Micro Brewery Equipment


Main configuration of micro brewery equipment

Micro brewery equipment details


Micro Brewery Equipment process

Mill grains→grist→grist ia mixed with brewing water(mash tun )→wort→lauter tun→kettle→adding hops→whirlpool→cooling→pitching yeast→cold wort→plate heat exchange→pump→hose→fermentation tank(primary fermentation)→adding yeast→green beer→bright beer tank→beer.

Our advantage

1.DEGT is a professional company of beer brewery equipment ,nearly 10 years of beer equipment manufacturing history( including Production→ Inspection→ Packing & Shipping→ Installation &Training → After Sales)will do its best to meet the needs of customers in all regions.Since the establishment of the company, it has been well received by numerous customers.

2.These products enable systematic execution of milling, mashing, fermentation, filtration, filling and other related processes. Before bringing these products to market, we rigorously test on each system to ensure that each brewing system is intact.

3.Attention to detail at every step. We provide one-stop services from one concept to a real product , and we can offer you very competitive prices

4.Strong productivity of kinds vessels, we can produce satisfied product according your design.

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