10BBL(1200L) Industrial Craft SUS304 Satisfactory Price Beer Brewing Supplies Near Me

Satisfactory Price Beer Brewing is made up of mill system, mash system, fermentation system, cooling system, cleaning system and control system.The inner body of mash system and fermentation system are made of stainless steel, with good work craft and beautiful appearence. Automatic control on the complete brewing process, so that it csn gurantee the good quality of the beer production.


Satisfactory Price Beer Brewing just configures the most basic machines including brewhouse, fermentation tank, bright beer tank, cooling system, control system, cleaning system. Usually , the restaurant will devide out an separate space as cellar, but prefer to set the brewhouse where people can see and watch the brewing operation directly, for example behind the big window or the bar counter.

Satisfactory Price Beer Brewing

Beer brewing equipment behind the big window

Main configuration of 10BBL beer brewing equipment

About 10BBL beer brewing equipment details

Satisfactory Price Beer Brewing

Satisfactory Price Beer Brewing

Many of our customers also choose red copper brewing equipment. This equipment is beautiful in appearance, suitable for use in restaurants, bars etc, and will bring huge benefits.

Red copper brewing equipment

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