stainless steel Brewery machinery in stock Per batch 2000 liters beer

We offer a Microbrewery (mini brewery) with the productivity of 1000L (10 hl) to 5000L (50hl) per brew. The service includes: complete set of microbrewery equipment, installation turnkey, staff training and more. Microbrewery comes complete “turnkey” The performance of your Microbrewery (Brewery and mini brewery), if necessary, can be increased in the future.


Brewery machinery in stock

If you are really passionate about brewing and want to consider starting your own business, I offer an overview on how to get started with your own microbrewery.

There are two types, brewpubs and microbreweries. A brewpub is smaller, perhaps 300L/500L.  A brewery is larger, perhaps from 1000L to 5000L. The brewery is measured by the brew-kettle, or how much wort you produce in one batch.


2000L or 20hl brewhouse system brewery machinery


2000L commercial brewery machinery

The Heating source

Steam heating

The steam heating would require a boiler/generator. It heat evenly and fast, also easy to control temperature, not scorch the tank.

Direct fire heating

The burner and agitator are equipped with kettle. If you adopt decoction mashing way, the wort is easier to scorch.  If so, the steam heating is more suitable.

Electric heating

The electric heating behaves well for the volume

under500L, saving the investment on the boiler/burner, if there is no condition to use the boiler/burner or it is more economical by using electricity.

The structure

2000L Two vessels

Mash/lauter tun+Kettle/whirlpool tun

Mash/lauter whirlpool tun+Brew kettle tun

2000L Three vessels

Mash tun+Lauter tun+Kettle/whirlpool tun

Mash/Kettle tun+Lauter tun+Whirlpool tun

2000L Four vessels

Mash tun+Lauter tun+Kettle tun+Whirlpool tun

The Manway

Stainless steel



Easy to observe the tank inside

False bottom/filter

False bottom/filter

We use the Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom/Filter.This kind of False Bottom/Filter is more stronger, even and nonpollution of welding.Using this false bottom when lautering, you will find that the grain bed is easy to form well and it will be also easy to clean when you finish the lautering.



We now use the Long-style rake; the teeth of the rake is varied so that it can agitate the wort lengthways and transversely, plus its length, the rake can help to make the malts mix with the water soon and make the wort flow smoothly and help to form a efficient grain bed for better lautering. In addition, the automatic rake lifting units is optionalfor customer.


Wort grant;wort pipelins;spray ball… in the tank


Most breweries today use vessels with a conical bottom and a cylindrical top. The cone’s aperture is typically around 60°, an angle that will allow the yeast to flow towards the cone’s apex, but is not so steep as to take up too much vertical space. CCVs can handle both fermenting and conditioning in the same tank. At the end of fermentation, the yeast and other solids which have fallen to the cone’s apex can be simply flushed out of a port.


Brewery machinery 2000L Beer Fermenters


2000L Beer Fermenter of brewery system


Wort Fermentation or maturation

Tank Capacity

2000l or 4000l (+25% Head space minimum)

Interior Shell

SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm

Exterior Shell

SUS304 full welded; TH=2mm


Polyurethane; TH=100mm

Glycol Jacket

Dimpled plate on cone and side

Head and Bottom

Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom

Sampling valve

Full sanitary perlick style sampling valve

Safe valve

Mechanical relief valve 2 bar on CIP arm

Pressure gauge

Shockproof pressure gauge with two gauges on CIP arm

Beer outlet

Rotating racking arm and port on cone with butterfly valve

Hopping port

Dry hopping port on the top of tank


4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling pad and legs support


Brewing beer also requires more machines, such as water treatment, beer filter, filling machine, etc. If you want a turnkey brewery or just tanks (such as a fermentation tank), please contact me.


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