1000 Litre Complete Stainless Steel / Copper Beer Brewing Tank for Commercial Used


1000 Litre Complete Stainless Steel / Copper Beer Brewing Tank for Commercial Used

1000L beer brewing tank is very polular in market.It is not only suitable for commercial brewing, but also for craft brewing. DEGONG’S beer brewing tank includes a complete set of configurations from milling to bottling. All electrical components are Siemens, Schneider and Omron. The control of the entire system is PLC control, which can be controlled remotely by computer.

beer mashing progress

Beer mashing is one of the most important processes in the preparation of wort. The mashing equipment required is mash tank, lauter tank, boiling tank and whirlpool tank. Of course, in order to improve mashing efficiency, most customers will choose a hot water tank to prepare hot water in advance,which can save time.These tanks of brewhouse can be combined freely, mashing and lautering can be combined into a tank, boiling and whhirpool can be combined into a tank

3-vessels stainless steel beer brewing tank with mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank

3-vessels copper beer mashing system:mash/lauter tank,boiling/whirlpool tank and hot water tank

Mash/lauter Tun

  • 304ss Insulated Mash Tun, with low-pressure steam jackets on the bottom and side cylinder of the vessel for fast response boiling. Minimum 100mm Rockwool insulation, with glass top manway.
  • 304ss Milled False Bottom screens for efficient Lautering and runoff of wort.
  • 304ss Mash Mixing Paddle engineered to efficiently mix for consistent mash temperature and step mashing capabilities.
  • Mash Temperature RTD sensor for monitoring internal mash temperature.
  • Sparge Assembly with a temperature gauge to monitor sparge water temperature.


Brew Kettle/Whirlpool

  • Vessel interior and exterior are mirror finish. Vessel bottom and cylindrical sides are insulated with 100mm Rockwool insulation, 20” glass top manway.
  • Dual Independent Steam Jackets include bottom steam jacket and cylindrical side steam jacket.
  • Integral Tangential Inlet for optimal whirlpool effect and trub/hop settling.
  • 8” Ventilation Stack Condensation ring, directs condensate outside vessel.
  • RTD Mash Temperature sensor for monitoring internal mash temperature inserts into welded Thermowell on vessel side wall.
  • Wort Pump with variable speed frequency drive control
  • CIP Tank Spray ball system with dual static spray heads offer an ideal spray pattern for clean in place operations and complete interior vessel coverage. CIP sprayballs and CIP piping are 316ss to assure longevity of system.


Hot liquid tank

  • Dished top and bottom jacket.
  • Fully welded steam jackets with rear protruding steam/condensate nipples.
  • Fully TIG welded assembly. Internal welds are smoothed with external welds acid cleaned and re-grained. External welds are stripe buffed.
  • sealed top man door access.
  • Thermo-well installed for your supplied temperature probe.
  • 2” mineral wool insulation with 14 gauge polished stainless steel outer shell.

beer brewhouse


Other necessory component

Pumps: Lautering pump and whirlpooling/castout pump of VFD, HL pump
Piping: Tri-Clamp or DIN standard pre-built
Heat exchanger: 2-step or 1 step, with fittings such as thermometers, venturi aeration unit, etc
Brewhouse control: VFD, switches etc, Automatic Temp. control, etc
Portable CIP cart: with 1 electric immersion Heating caustic tank, automatic Temp. control and 1 pump, etc

heat exchangerPlate heat exchanger

Raker&Pump&Platform&Sight glass-brewhouse Raker&Pump&Platform&Sight glass

Fermentation Tanks are equipped with separate cooling zones which can be individually controlled and entirely insulated. CIP tube and a cleaning head included. The materials used and the surface finishing depend on the intended application and the customers’ specifications.一排发酵-min

Fermentation tank features

  • 304 SS or 316LSS Conical Fermentation Tankshave a 60° Cone Angle.
  • Single-Zoned or Multi-Zoned Glycol Jacketed depending on Fermenter capacity.
  • Insulated with a minimum of 80mm PU Insulation.
  • #4 overall finish; exterior and interior.
  • Top Mounted Man ways offer superior sanitation and access for adding hops.
  • The interior of the shell is Professionally Passivated.
  • o.1Mpa (1Bar) working pressure .
  • One-Touch Racking Arm allows for easy racking arm rotation, without the need to loosen any clamps.
    Simply turn the handle and the racking arm rotates!
  • CIP Tank Spray Ball has spinner spray head assembly and exterior CIP arm.
  • Dedicated 1.5” Blow Off Arm helps keeps CIP and PAM Assembly clear of primary fermentation blow off exhaust and residue.
  • Adjustable Levelers provide a level tank regardless of floor slope; (4) total legs with (4) forklift accessible crossbars.
  • 304SS Butterfly Valve(s); 2” bottom/drainage port to facilitate yeast removal.


beer fermenting vessels


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