1000L stainless steel industrial craft beer fermentation tank for sale


1000L stainless steel craft industrial fermentation tank

As an important part of beer brewing, fermenter ferments the wort from the heat exchanger to fermentation.The cone portion of the fermenter is 60 degrees, making it easier to collect yeast and obtain clear beer.

Fermentation tank detailed drawing:

Fermenter Specifications

  • Capacity available from 5bbl, 10bbl, 20bbl, 30bbl fermenter to 200bbl
  • SS 304 construction
  • Top dished head with pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Top manway or side manhole
  • Dry Hopping port with cap
  • Sanitary rotary spray ball
  • PU foam insulated
  • Cooling jacket on cylinder and cone bottom
  • Side CIP arm assembly with bung valve and pressure gauge
  • Sanitary thermowell
  • Sample Valves
  • Cone racking arm
  • 60 degree cone bottom
  • Bottom discharge
  • Four legs adjustable feet
  • Internal shell: 3mm, External Shell :2mm

Safe relief valve The temperature in the tank increases during fermentation, so it is necessary to install a safety release valve.
Breather valve Prevent the tank from producing negative pressure, protect the safety of fermentation tank.
Sampling valve Sampling holes in the tank help the winemaker keep an eye on the fermentation.
Temperature probe With the continuous fermentation of wort, the temperature in the fermentation tank also rises continuously.
Pressure gauge The fermentation process produces a lot of carbon dioxide, so the pressure in the tank increases.The pressure gauge can be used to ensure that the pressure in the tank is within a reasonable range.

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