10BBL food grade stainless steel commercial brewery equipment for sale


10BBL food grade stainless steel commercial brewery equipment for sale

Part1 malt milling system malt miller machine
Part2 Mash system Mash tun/Brew kettle
Lauter/whirlpool tank(Or mash tun/lauter and brew kettle whirlpool)
Hot water tank(optional)
Mash/wort/hot water pump Motors
Wort oxygenation device
Operation platform
Plate heat exchanger
Part3 Fermenting system Beer fermenters
Bright beer tanks
Yeast adding tank
Accessories, such as sample valve, pressure gauge, safety valve and so on
Part4 Cooling system Glycol tank
Refrigerating unit
Glycol pump
Part5 CIP cleaning system disinfection tank & alkali tank &cleaning pump etc.
Part6 Controller Control system, we have PLC automatic and semi-automatic.

brewery equipment

Mash/Lauter Tun 10BBL,1.5KW ABB motor
Boil Kettle 10BBL
Whirlpool Tun 10BBL
Wort grant 2pcs
Plate Heat Exchanger 5.1 m2,2 stages
Working Platform Dismountable,SS304
Valves and Pipeline 1 set
Wort pump 3000L/H,Sanitary SS304, Pump lift-32m
Control System


Quality Control:

When the equipment is finished, our company quality control department will inspect the equipment to ensues its quality before delivery.

After that, the customers or the third party can come here to inspect the equipment again if available.

Mirror Polishing:

Inside Polishing: Overall polishing to 0.6μm without dead corner .

Outside Polishing: Mirror polishing, smooth enough.

Purpose: The tank itself has high precision and small details of the tanks have to be observed by a telescope.

Function: To make tanks become tidy and smooth, beautiful and durable.

Finished Product: All the finished product will be inspected by X-ray testing, to find out whether there have something defect.


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