10HL customized beer brewery equipment for premium quality equipment in stock

The brewery equipped with semiautomatic control panel.Staff training occurs during installation of equipment and test brews. The system can be heated by steam,electricity or gas;and controlled by manual,semi-automatic or full automatic.The mainstream of two-vessel brewhouse is steam heated and semi-automatic controlled system.


We manufacture and supply brewhouse sizes from 1BBL to 100BBL based on customer’s demand. Our brewery equipment is turn-key and consist of mill system, mash system, fermentation system, cooling system, cleaning system (CIP), control system and accessories. With brewery equipment you are able to produce outstanding full-bodied beers. Beginners will find it easy to brew with this fairly automated equipment.


Beer brewing process

Brewery equipment 2-Vessel brewhouse system

Brewhouse Basic Technical Parameter:


10HL  brew house system

Heating method

Electric/steam/direct fire heating


2-vessel, mash/lauter tank & kettle/whirlpool tank

Combi-vessel, lauter/whirlpool, kettle


Pub/hotel/restaurant beer brewery equipment

Mini beer brewery plant equipment




Stainless steel 304, thickness 3.0mm


Stainless steel 304, thickness 2.0mm


Polyurethane, thickness 100mm


CIP arm, 360° spray ball


High accuracy temperature sensor, PT100


High efficiency plate heat exchanger


Semi-auto control cabinet

Wort ventilate

Sanitary wort aeration device with sight glass and carbon stone

Milling V-wire false bottom

With lauter rakes

Side spent grain manway

Stainless steel top manway

With tangent whirlpool inlet

Efficient centrifugal wort pump

Heating: dimple steam jacket/ stainless steel electric heating elements

Sanitary stainless steel butterfly valves and pipeline connection

Stainless steel heavy duty supporting legs

Argon gas protection welding, well polishing



Brewery Fermentation tanks with dimple jacketed

The isobaric fermenters allow for completion of the whole fermentation process without having to move the beer from the fermenter.The completion of the whole fermentation process without transferring beer from primary to secondary fermenter, is due to a superior technical requirement: they are capable of withstanding pressure. That means the subproduct of the fermentation resides within the fermenter: carbon dioxide.

Brewery equipment features:

Interior Tank Thickness: 3.0 mm; Outer Shell Thickness: 2.0 mm

Glycol Jacket (Dimple-Welded) Thickness: 1.5 mm

Pressure setting mechanism from 0 bar up to 3 bar

Cooling channels – tanks for circulation of coolant (glycol or water)

PU insulation – thickness corresponding to the size of the tank and the environment(100mm,80mm)

Guaranteed inner surface roughness of Ra = 0.6 microns or less

Manhole on the top or on cylinder part (according to customer requirements)

Outlet / inlet for dosing and discharge of yeast

Sanitation showers – spray ball (static or rotary) – one or more pcs according of length of the tank

Cleanable and sanitizable sampling cock

Safety over pressure valve

Cleanable and sanitizable glass level indicator

Stainless steel (304) sanitary construction

100% TIG welded and sanitary polished



Apply to bars, restaurants, breweries, etc.

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