10HL Premium quality Food grade SUS304 Brewhouse in stock

Microbeer brewing equipment of DEGT intergrating product & consumption is especially adopted to top grade hotel,cabaret,bar and some otheramusement places,advancing the consumer to realize the profundity of beer’s culture.Brewhouses has the following combinations: 2-vessel systems (Mash Tun/Lauter Tun and Kettle/Whirlpool),3-vessel systems (Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Kettle/Whirlpool) and 4-vessel systems (Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Kettle, Whirlpool)


Premium quality SUS304 Brewhouse is mainly composed by mash/lauter tun,filter tank,kettle,whirlpool tank,hops adding equipment ect. The main body of mash tun ,mash copper system all use international standards, high-quality 304 stainless steel.The full mirror polished technology for the inside of the tanks which expose to materials such as wheat mash;external matte polished to ensure customers with high quality and low price,beautiful mash system.


The Premium quality SUS304 Brewhouse Brewing Process

In the mash tun,the grist is mixed with brewing water from hot water tank to form the mash.In the lauter tun,the wort is separated from the solids.Spent grains is removed through side man way once all water is drained.Fit malt chute to door.Remove spent grain out of lauter tun.Brew keetle is used for wort boiling(roughly 90 min hours at 100℃)Hop is added to boiling wort.Whirlpooling is created by circulating the wort.The solids consist of protein and the hops roughage.

Premium quality SUS304 BrewhouseTechnical Parameter

  • Material:Inner(SUS304),thickness:3.0mm,Jacket(SUS)304,thickness:3.0mm
  • Cylinder(sharp type,SUS304),thickness:3.0mm
  • Inner surface treatment:welds grinded to 0.6μm
  • Insulation:Polyurethane-thickness 100mm
  • Temperature way:Double matal thermometer
  • Outsourcing surface:Weld polishing processing
  • Jacket Pressure:design pressure 0.3MPa,working pressure <0.2MPa.
  • CIP 360 degrees Omni bearing cleaning

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DEGONG’s own factory has the advantages of customization, fine workmanship, durable equipment, beautiful appearance, price concessions, simple operation, corrosion resistance and technical support.

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Our equipment is coming with certifications of PED and our company is TUV approved. We use CE approved components for customers. The quality, specification and function all meet the treaty of contract.

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We can provide engineers to help you install the equipment, and we can also provide winemakers to help you solve technical problems。

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1.Cord ,film membrane

2.Firm membrane, wood box for free fumigation

Transport: by sea

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2.Production or inspection report before your order packed.

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