1500L Best Priced Brewery Equipment for Commercial Craft Brewhouse Unit for Sale

Best Priced Brewery Equipment is manufactured by DEGONG professional engineers. The fermentation process is the normal life activity of beer yeast using fermentable substances in wort under certain conditions, and its metabolites are required beer products. Due to different types of yeast, different fermentation conditions and product requirements, different tastes and different fermentation methods. According to the different types of yeast fermentation, beer can be divided into superior fermented beer and inferior fermented beer.


Best Priced Brewery Equipment brief introduction

Best Priced Brewery Equipment is focus on regional market. The capacity request is not so high than macro breweries. Their beers are always sold on shelf in bottle or canning. We are involved in providing different types of medium scale industrial breweries to clients worldwide.The complete setup of these breweries is in compliance with modern brewery standards and specifications. These products enable systematic execution of milling, mashing, fermentation, filtration, filling and other related processes.


Best Priced Brewery Equipment

Best Priced Brewery Equipment(1500L) configuration

Best Priced Brewery Equipment brewhouse unit(1500L)

Mash/Lauter tun + Boiling/Whirlpool tun in various combination

Hot water tank and cold water tank for optional in special combinations

Infusion or decoction brewing methods

Two stages or single stage plate heat exchanger for wort cooling

Completely stainless steel integrated work platform

Sanitary and efficiency wort pump

All pipings, pipes and fittings


Best Priced Brewery Equipment

Best Priced Brewery Equipment Fermentation unit

Fermentation tank + bright beer tank + yeast adding tank

Standard stainless steel conical cylindrical fermentation tanks

Single, double, triple or more size as brewhouse is common used in commercial breweries

Tanks quantity is exactly calculated by fermentation cycle for various beers

Roof walkway is for special request

All manhole, valves, pressure gauges, fittings etc


Best Priced Brewery Equipment

Beer Filter Unit(Kieselguhr filter)

CO2 prepare pressure→fill water→exhaust→pre-coat coarse diatomite→pump the beer and diatomite mixed liquor→recycling→filter beer production→finish→push the beer→discharge the diatomite→cleaning→update diatomite

Best Priced Brewery Equipment Cooling Unit

Insulated glycol water tank with or without copper coil for glycol liquid holding and mixing

Efficiency chillers or refrigerators with fryon to supply cooling energy

Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water recycle among tanks and heat exchanger

All pipes, fitting, insulation materials

Best Priced Brewery Equipment Controlling Unit

Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for brewhouse

Electrical controlling cabinet with temperature, on-off controlling for cooling parts

Temperature controller, thermocouple, solenoid valves etc

PLC with touch screen panel for special request

Beer Dispense

Semiauto or automatic bottling machine with rinsing, filling, capping, labeling etc

Semiauto or automatic canning machine

Flash pasteurizer or tunnel pasteurizer is available


If you want to ordre beer brewery equipment, please get in touch with me.Come on!