1500L stainless steel professional brewery equipment for sale

DG’s  brewhouses are custom-built to fit each brewer’s individual needs. Our staff works with you on everything from defining your optimal brewery layout, to designing the setup and size of your brewhouse and tanks. Most importantly, every brewhouse is built with 304 Stainless Steel and uses ABB/SEW motors, so they are durable and hard-working.


What is a brewery?

The brewery consists of several key brewing equipment. In the winemaker’s skilled palm, the malt paste bucket, the laurel bucket, the brewing kettle and the whirlpool transform the grain ground through a special grain mill into a sweet liquid called “wort”. The wort is then fermented and finished in a dedicated beer can called a fermentor and a special beer can.
The brewery is the heart and engine of the brewery and performs several key processes in the production of craft beer. The capacity, function and complexity of the brewery and other key beer equipment vary, but all breweries need to moisten the grain, separate the wort from the grain and boil the wort with a heat source. The three most common heating methods used in breweries are: steam, direct fire, electricity.







Grain Milling System

Rolling Miller

Double roller
Speed differential

Flexible Auger

Stainless steel screw
PVC pipe





Mash tank

Steam jacket on bottom and side
Agitator inside
Wort hydrator mounted top of mash tun

Lauter tun

Grain rake with VFD
Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom
Easy clean and detachable sparging spray ring

Boiling Kettle

Steam Jacket on bottom and side
Steam vent with condensate ring for kettle stack

Whirlpool Tank

Wort tangent inlet

Hot water tank

Steam jacket heating

Heat exchanger

SUS304 plate


Fermentation tank


Glycol cooling jacket on cone and bottom
Side or top manway
CIP arm

Mechanical type safety valve
Shockproof pressure gauge
Rotating racking arm
Dry hopping port
Carbonation stone
Sight level


Bright beer tank

Bright beer tank

Glycol cooling jacket on cone and bottom
Side or top manway
CIP arm

Mechanical type safety valve
Shockproof pressure gauge
Rotating racking arm
Dry hopping port
Carbonation stone
Sight level


Cooling system

Glycol Water Tank

Insulated conical top and sloped bottom

Refrigerating unit


Circulate pump



Control system

Brewing and fermentation process Controlling

PLC control with touch screen for special



Washing pump

Electric heating element inside

Sterilization Tank


Alkali tank


Control box

















T-Type thread

Changing diameter


Butterfly rubber seals






Pipeline & Valve VLV
Wort measuring meter
Food grade oxygen filling pipe
Refrigerant pipelines

Keep warm tube

Mechanical type safety valve
An oil pressure gauge
Sampling valve
Temperature probe
Solenoid valve

Features of brewhouse:(Brewery equipment)

– All tanks are made of food grade stainless steel 304.

– Adopting advanced world famous brand components in electric parts and operation parts.

– ABB motor for wort pump

– ABB/Siemens motor for raker and blender

– PLC automatic control method

– The structure of brewhouse: 2-vessel, 3-vessel or 4-vessel (Optional)

– Thickness: inner 3.0mm; out 2.0mm; jacket: 1.5mm

– Insulation: Polyurethane   thickness: 100mm

– Working pressure: 1.5-2.0 bar      Design pressure: 3.0 bar

– Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra0.4µm without dead corner

Outsourcing surface: weld polishing processing

– Heating method: steam; electric; direct fire (Optional)

– All welding are used argon gas protection welding. It will help to reduce the oxygenation and protect the joint.

Our welders has many years experience in welding and they adopt the most popular welding way–TIG welding.

– TC connected CIP arm with 360° coverage spraying ball

– Filter board gap is less than 0.7mm

– Dished top and conical bottom

– Stainless steel top mounted manhole and door

– 4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling

– Two stage plate heat exchanger

– Mash & Lauter tun: Brewing & sparging water blending port, VFD rake, with wort grant, mash hydrator, etc


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