2000L stainless steel commercial customized fermenter for sale


What is the beer fermenter?

Beer fermentation technology can be generally divided into traditional fermentation technology and modern fermentation technology.

1.The inner liner adopts international standard high-quality stainless steel material, polyurethane high-pressure foam insulation, and the material adopts stainless steel 304 (optional)

2.Adopt international beer standardized fermentation production technology, real-time online data detection, remote monitoring technology, mirror polishing inside the tank, fully meet PLC automatic cleaning and disinfection The system’s self-control requirements.

3.The fermenter cooling jacket meets the technical standards of various countries in the world and meets the needs of heat exchange technology of different cooling media and pressure.


Material:SUS 304

1.Inner thickness:3.0mm;outer thickness:2.0mm

2.Jacket thickness:1.5mm

3.Inner surface treatment:welds grinted to Ra 0.6um

4.Mirror surface finish inside.

5.Insulation: Polyurethane-tjickness 100mm

6.Cone 60 degree resist compression design,dripping

7.Heat exchange area: 5.1 m2

8.Vessel pressure:1.5 bar/3.0 bar

Yeast adding tank Adopts sus 304 stainless steel fine polished process,outer stainless polishing.

Adding yeast sight glasses,aseptic air mouth,and wort pipe connetction mouth.


















Fermentation tank with pray ball, pressure gauge,manway,safe valve,etc

Yeast adding tank and side manway

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