5BBL 2/3 vessel stainless steel pub brewery equipment for sale

Mash system, it is the most important part of beer brewery equipment. The brewhouse is the beating heart of brewing operation. A weak, inefficient heart cannot be exerted and doesn’t last. A durable and efficient brew house from DG Equipment ensures your brewery every opportunity to thrive. We understand that each brewer has his or her own brewing methodology and budgetary requirements, therefore DG offers varying levels of automation and customization of two, three and four vessel brewhouse configurations.


5BBL 2/3 vessel stainless steel pub and restaurant brewery equipment for sale

The customer is studying the beer brewery equipment and preparing to put it into use.

Brewery quipment parts detail

Equipment Request


1. Milling System

Malt Miller

2. Mashing System

Mash/Lauter Tun

Boiling Tank

Whirlpool tank

Heat exchanger

Wort Pump

Stirring Device (Optional)

Other accessories are available: 1. Ornamental Pipe; 2. Mashing Pipeline; 3. Operating Platform; 4. Yeast Feeder; 5. Venturi Tube; 6. Butterfly Valve DN40; 7. Butterfly Valve DN32; 8. Soft Pipe; 9. Dregs Rake; 10. Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 11. Saccharimeter;

3. Fermenting System

Fermentation Tank

Other accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid Valve; 5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;

4. Cooling System

Ice Water Tank

Refrigeration Machine

Centrifugal Pump


Ice Water Pump

Relative Pipes and Valves

5. CIP System

Washing Tank

Sterilization Tank

Pump and Valve

6. Filter System

Kieselguhr Filter

Membrane Filter

Filtered Beer Tanks

7. Packing System

Fresh Keg Packing Machine

Pop Can Packing Machine

Glass Bottle Packing Machine

8. Controlling System

Mashing Control Panel

Fermenting Control Panel

Refrigerating Control Panel


mash/lauter tun、boiling/whirlpool tun


mash tun,lauter tun、boiling/whirlpool tun;

mash/lauter tun、boiling tun,whirlpool tun;

mash tun,lauter tun、boiling/whirlpool tun and hot water tank.


mash tun,lauter tun,boiling tun,whirlpool tun

Other combinations are available to meet your specific requirements.

Basic Features

-Head space: 25%

-Thickness: Inner shell 3mm;outer shell 2mm

-100mm insulation

-Dimple cooling jacket with inlet and outlet

-Top dry hopping

-Shadow less side man way

-Relief valve

-CIP connections

-Racking arm

-Temperature and pressure gauges

-Level gauge, carbonation stone, sight glass as option


Beer brewery equipment ready to be transported to the terminal

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