Brewery plant 2000L Beer Brewing Equipment for sale

If you have any questions or need a quote, please contact us.We shall be more pleased to serve you. DEGONG provides semi and fully automated beer brewing equipment worldwide, including installation, training to start your production. We deliver Brewhouses,Fermenters & turnkey projects and  like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation.


Brewery plant 2000 liters

Industrial brewing equipment,including the whole brewery equipment for client’s brewery factory.Its capacity can be 10HL to 100HL.we can do the turnkey brewery project for your beer business.


Brewhouse system with bottom grain gate for removal waste grains

This is our Swedish 20HL industrial brewing equipment.For the industrial brewing equipment,we usually suggest the steam heating,you can choose electric boiler,gas boiler or diesel boiler.

According to your heating cost,choose the most suitable heating type.


Mash lauter+boiling whirlpool brewhouse configuration brewery plant


Brewhouse equipment;plate heat exchanger;sight gladd;false bottom…


Brewery plant brew house unit
Mash/Lauter Tun Grain rake for uniform mashing

Grain out door with grain chute

Laser cutting false bottom

Grist hydrator for optional

Steam jacket for optional

Kettle/Whirlpool Tun Steam, electric, or direct-fired for heating optional

Steam condenser

Tangential whirlpool inlet

Insulation layer 100mm

Hot Liquor Tank
Brewhouse Ancillary Equipment Malt millerHeat exchanger

Work platform and more

Fermentation tanks and bright tanks —brewery plant


Brewery plant Fermenters;Racking arm;pressure gauge;PVRV;Saftey valve…


Fermentation unitanks equipped with:

304 SS TIG weld construction

Operating pressure rated at 1.5bari (tested to 3.0bar)

Reinforced stainless steel legs with adjustable height for leveling

Side and cone cooling jackets

Sample valve

Pressure/vacuum relief valve

Temperature gauge port

RTD sensor port

Side manway(top manway optional)

Racking arm with DIN, or tri-clover fitting option

Dry hop port

CIP arm and rotating spray ball 360° of coverage

Lifting Lugs

Butterfly valves included

Uni-tank option available for carbonation stone assembly


We can send engineers to install breweries for you

Before your inquire,please confirm these information firstly:

1.The mash system capacity you want?

2.The mash system combination type you want?2vessels,3vessels or 4vessels?

3.The heating method you want?

4.Do you need the hot liquid tank for brewhouse?

5.The fermentation tank capacity and quantity you want?

6.Do you need the brite tank?If needed,the brite tank capacity and quantity you want?

If you have any questions or need a quote, please contact us.We shall be more pleased to serve you.


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