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We work with brewers large and small to design and fabricate custom brewhouses, cellar tanks and various other sophisticated brewery-specific support vessels and systems. Our brewery team combines decades of experience engineering brewery equipment, brewing and integrating automation & control systems.


3 -100bbl brewhouse system

Brewing system 100% made in China

With system sizes ranging from 3 bbl to 100 bbl and larger,launch your business or take it to the next level with a system to meet your demand.

Beer brewing equipment ss brewhouse system

  • Brewhouse configuration from 2 vessel to multi vessel designs
  • Mash vessel with integrated nixing blade assembly
  • Lauter tun options:
  1. fixed height or retractable rake assembly with spent grain plow
  2. cone,inverted cone of flat bottom designs
  3. custom sizes for high gravity brewing
  4. multi-port wort draw-off
  • Brew kettle heated via low pressure or high pressure steam,internal or external calandria,electric or direct fired
  • Whirlpool vessel designs to yield industry best trub cake
  • Stack condensers available
  • System control options:manual,remote valve actuation or fully automated
  • Flexible brewhouse designs to accommodate your available square footage and ceiling heights
  • Custom designed brew houses for sour beer production
  • Our vessels/tanks offered in stainless steel or copper construction


The advantage of mashing system with many combinations in the beer brewing equipment:

(1)Two vessels

2 vessels brewhouse system

This kind of equipment is now widely used in the industry, mainly make up with mash/Lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool. The function of mash/lauter tun:mashing and filter, Kettle/whirlpool function:boiling and whirlpool. If you configure a hot water tank, the work effective can be increased by 50%.


The advantages of two vessels of mashing system:

equipment simple, invest small

pipeline simple, the operation easily

the equipment height is low, the height requirement for the site is not high.


(2)3 vessels

Two tanks 3 vessels brewhouse system

This equipment is generally combined with Mash tun, boiling tank/kettle, Lauter/whirlpool tank. In fact, Its Lauter/whirlpool tank was actually composed of the upper and lower structures.The upper structure is the Lauter tun, and the lower layer is the whirlpool tank. It is commonly seen in beer houses and restaurants


The advantages of three vessels of mashing system:

Compared with three tanks three vessels brewhouse system, the whole system is more compact and occupies less space

The heating area of the steam jacket in the kettle/boiling tank is very large, has fast speed heating up.

The Lauter tun is above the whirlpool tank, which can realize the natural filtration (wort filtration rely on by gravity), the filtering speed is fast, the wort is clarify and the brightness is high.

The whirlpool tank is designed as a vertical column tank, because it is a special whirlpool tank, the whirlpool port is designed as a tangential whirlpool port, so the separation effect of hops and hot coagulum is better.


During the wort filter, the kettle can prepare the washing grain water, can shorten the mashing time by 30-50 minutes, the using effective is higher than two vessels of the mashing system.

In general, the daytime can brew two batches of beer, if you consider working overtime and staying up late, you can brew 3-4 batches per day. During the peak beer sales period, you can brew more beer in the shortest time.


(3)4 vessels

4 vessels brewhouse system

Such equipment is common in small or medium-sized breweries, and is equipped with hot water tanks in addition to mashing basic equipment, which can greatly improve production efficiency.


Its main advantages are:The mashing apart has a clear division of labor, which significantly reduces the time occupied by the tank and improves production efficiency. The maximum brewing batch of beer can reach five batches per day.

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