Professional Brewing Equipment 2000L 3 Vessel Brewhouse Heated By Steam Constructed By SS304

We offer larger professional brewing equipment from 1000l to 5000l,and we also offer small brewpub/restaurant used brewery equipment from 300l to 1000l.  Our Brewhouse allow you to choose from various heating options (electric, steam, and gas fired), and come with Alfa Lavxal Pumps, Dual stage heat exchanger, IFM Flow Meter, Plow system, (SEW motor), Lauter rake, Working platform, Control box (button), Glass Wort tank, and all necessary hardware.


Professional brewing equipment 3 Vessel beer brewhouse introduction

This brewhouse include all components for a complete set of brewhouse. All components used have high quality standards and are characterized by their ease of use.All component of the brewing system is made of stainless steel,including tanks, butterfly valves, piping……

The three-vessel brewhouse consists of a mash/boil tun,lauter tun,whirlpool tun and a separate hot water tank(HWT is optional).

professional brewing equipment 3 vessel beer brewhouse

professional brewing equipment 3 vessel beer brewhouse

2 vessel beer brewhouse

professional brewing equipment 2 vessel beer brewhouse


Componnet of beer brewhouse


Mash tun

Liquor blending station

Grist hydrator

Steam jackets

Low shear, mash mixer for superior mixing

Low shear mash pump


Lauter tun

Lautering rakes with spent grain plow assembly

Cone or flat bottom designs

Under-screen flush

Multi-port wort draw off plumbing


Grant to optimize lauter run-off



Heating options include steam Jackets, electric, or direct-fired

Over boil protection

Vent stack condenser

Kettle sour capability



Reverse flanged and dished bottom for excellent trub cake formation

Single or dual tangential inlet designs

Early wort draw off

Re circulation plumbing to cool wort pre-whirlpool for hop additions


Hop back

Efficient aroma extraction

Complete retention of hop solids within HopBack

Flexible hop aroma profile due to separation from whirlpool time

Acquisition of delicate flavours with minimal additional isomerization

Optional Closed vessel prevents vaporization of volatile aroma compounds

Liquor tank

Hot and cold liquor tanks using heating/cooling jackets or heat exchangers


Custom layout options including rectangular and linear designs

Conveniently located hydrometer station (optional)

beer brewhouse details

beer mashing and lautering

The 4 function tanks can be combined according to different requirement,such as 2-vessels brewhouse(mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank) for small brewhouse,3-vessels brewhouse(mash boiling kettle+lauter tank+whirlpool tnak) for middle size brewhouse…..

Save on floor space by placing your hot liquor tank underneath the mash/lauter tun(2 tank 3 vessel brewhouse),Space saving design works well for brewpub applications or where multiple brews per day are not desired

 2 tank 3 vessel brewhouse

 2 tank 3 vessel brewhouse


Auxiliary system

Hot wort grant to provide a buffer to the pump during re-circulation and run off from the lauter tun

Heat exchanger to cool the wash during transfer to the fermenter

Dedicated vessel pumps

Roller mills

Augers and conveyors

Grist hoppers

Fermentation system

CIP systems

Dry hopping systems

Steam Boilers

Glycol Chillers

Bottling line/canning line/kegging machine


Company information

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