20 BBL Turnkey Brewery equipment customized beer brewing equipment hot sale in America

Whether you are a start-up, a well-established craft brewery or a market leading brand – you can benefit from DGET in the brewery industry. Our catalog of high-quality equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components.


The heart of any brewery is an efficient and consistent brewhouse.Utilizing state-of-the-art, PLC’s and automation allows DGET to deliver semi-automatic or fully-automated brewhouses that deliver repeatable, efficient and high-yield brews at the right price.


20BBL Turnkey brewery equipment
Equipment Request Components
1. Milling System Malt Miller
2. Mashing System Mash/Lauter Tun

Boiling/Whirlpool tank

Heat exchanger
Wort Pumps
Stirring Device (Optional)
Other accessories are available: 1.Yeast Feeder; 2. Venturi Tube; 3.Soft Pipe; 4.Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 11. Saccharimeter;
3. Fermenting System Fermentation Tank
Brite tank(maturation tank)
Other accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid Valve; 5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;
4.Cooling System

Ice Water Tank

Refrigeration Machine

Centrifugal Pump;Evaporator;Relative Pipes and Valves

5.CIP System

Washing Tank;Sterilization Tank;Pump and Valve

6. Filter System

Kieselguhr Filter;Membrane Filter



Brewery equipment

Mash/lauter+boiling+whirlpool tank(It is also recommended to use a hot water tank)

Brewhouse unit Specifications:

Mash/Lauter tun

  • Grain rake with VFD
  • Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom
  • Easy clean and detachable sparging spray ring
  • Multihole wort collect ring(optional)

Boil kettle/whirlpool tun

  • Steam Jacket on bottom and side/direct gas fired heating/electric heating
  • Steam vent with condensate ring for kettle stack

Hot liquor tank

  • Used to recover energy and heat the water (liquor) needed for recirculation and sparging water onto the grain bed to convert starches to sugar.
  • Steam heating/direct fire heating/electric heating

spent grains access with slide

Spent grains access with slide

sight glass-min

Sight glass for checking



图片1-minSmall/medium/large breweries fermentation tanks can be available

Fermenter Specifications:

  • Capacity available from 5bbl, 10bbl, 20bbl, 30bbl fermenter to 200bbl
  • SS 304 construction
  • Internal shell: 3mm, External Shell :2mm;Jacket thickness:1.5mm
  • Top dished head with pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Top manway or side manhole
  • Dry Hopping port with cap
  • Sanitary rotary spray ball
  • PU foam insulated
  • Cooling jacket on cylinder and cone bottom
  • Side CIP arm assembly with bung valve and pressure gauge
  • Sanitary thermowell
  • Sample Valves
  • Cone racking arm
  • 60 degree cone bottom
  • Bottom discharge
  • Four legs adjustable feet


Brewery equipment Fermentation tanks components

Lifting ear;Carbonation stone;raking arm;side manhole;drain outlet

Tank and System Controls

We can offer complete tank and system controls for any critical parameter of your process including:

  • Glycol chilling and cooling controls – solenoid, check valve, or pressure sensor actuated
  • Steam or other heating controls – globe, gate, pressure sensors, or solenoid actuated
  • Water flow controls, backflow preventers – filtration systems and controls
  • Programmable digital controllers for valves, solenoids – temperature, pressure and flow controls
  • PC controlled systems – standard or custom software control packages
  • Other control features and options available—semi automated or automated
DGET introduction:

Whether you are a start-up, a well-established craft brewery or a market leading brand – you can benefit from DGET in the brewery industry. Our catalog of high-quality equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components.


In restaurants, bars and hotels etc.

After-sales service:

  • After delivering the equipments to our customers, DEGONG will arrange special worker to do the track service, because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service.
  • Within the warranty period, any malfunctions caused by the quality issues, DEGONG will be responsible to it.
  • For the malfunctions beyond the warranty period, DEGONG will also be responsible to it, but the seller should take in charge of the expenses.


Our certification

Pakage & delivery

Packaging Details: standard wooden package

Package Type : As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It’s suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers’ special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on.


Contact information:

If you are interested in our craft brewing equipment, need a quotation or you simply want to discuss your project with us, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.