2000L customized beer manufacturing equipment steam heating

The red copper brewhouse is also the preferred choice for most brew pub. The fermentation tanks for brew pub is usually not large but with more numbers for serving more beer flavors on taps.  A typical brewing process for brew includes milling, mashing, fermentation, maturing, cooling, controlling, cleaning, filling and beer serving.


2000L customized beer manufacturing equipment for sale

2000L brewhouse beer manufacturing equipment with steam

Malt milling

We provide different power of malt milling depends on product capacity of brewhouse. Customer can choose carbon steel or stainless steel.


Ergonomic paltform beer manufacturing equipment

Mash tun/Lauter tank; Kettle/Whirlpool tank

Mash/Lauter tun:

Danfoss VFD for controlling the stirrer speed. Level gauge for regarding the level of liquid. Full automatic spent grain discharge, semi automatic spent grain discharge and manuel discharge for choosing depending on the customer’s need.

Kettle/Whirlpool tank:

The heating method can be electric heating or steam heating. If you choose steam heating,a boiler will be rqequire. (Electric boiler, gas boiler and diesel boiler)Hops are added when boiling the wort to give the wort aroma and bitterness.Whirlpool tank to remove excess solids.

Hot water tank

Composed for washing the grain. And Reduce mash time and increase work efficiency.


Brewery tanks 


The side manhole is better to ensure the cooling effect for a 2000L fermenter. Mechanical pressure relief valve and breathing valve, dual pressure relief guarantee for fermenter. We can also add carbonation stone to your fermenter if you want.

Hops gun

A new system of adding dry hops during fermentation of beer.


4000L or 2000L fermentation are equipped for beer manufacturing equipment


4000L BBT

A tank for reserving the bright beer after filtering system. And inject carbon dioxide into beer just before the bottling. 

200l CIP 

The most important thing for beer brewing is the pure environment, each time brewing, the tanks used need to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there is no residue inside. CIP cleaning system can save manpower and improve cleanliness.


Control system

We use Siemens, Danfoss VFD and Schneider electric part. All for ensuring the precise control of brewing and the long use life of our equipment.


PLC control or Semi-automatic is available

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